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ANTIFA Riots In Portland To Protest Pro-Trump Rally

Where We Are Today


Confederate Memorial Protests In New Orleans

A 6 minute video that helps explain what's going on


This is long (3 hours) skip through it to save time, but it puts the protests and events in perspective


It's okay to promote Communist Revolution at Berkeley
 but riot over Milo, a gay conservative


A Liberal Blasts The Democrats Over False Russian-Trump Connections

(Language Warning!)



We Be Famous!

With Bigfoot  And  The Dinosaur Whisperer - How Can We Lose?


Mark Dice And Fake News



I laughed so hard at this I cried!
 When you watch the vicious anti-Trump garbage the socialists put out and compare it to this....
Actually, there is no comparison. This is actually funny and in reasonably good taste.


Some of these people are absolutely out of their minds. Their perception of reality completely warped.
They are indeed brainwashed. This is what Socialism and Political Correctness run amuck looks like.
 Had Bernie or Clinton been elected, this mentality and belief system would
have become the "law of the land" in our nation's social structure.
Choosing to elect Trump and separating our government from the Political Elite in BOTH Parties
saved the United States from destruction. Our country would have ceased to exist as it was created, and as we have known it for 241 years. Now that We have put our faith in Trump, let's pray he can save the Republic.



Main Stream Media Propaganda Lies About Syria


Here you go, plain as day

This video is "Unavailable" from Youtube.

Try this link: http://www.youtube.com/v/Z1aDciHCejA


Ret. General Wesley Clark on plans to invade Middle Eastern countries

Sen. McCain secretly meets with terrorists in Syria


Assad Can Stay, for Now: Kerry Accepts Russian Stance

Odd you didn't see anything about this in our broadcast national news media. A MAJOR CHANGE of position! Obama doesn't have a clue about foreign policy and makes it up as he goes along. Our President, and our national media, seem to believe that if you repeat a lie (or don't report the news) often enough it'll become true. Once again our President has to backtrack and eat crow - because he made the wrong decision in the first place. How many people have died while Obama chased Assad? Guess the Democrats don't want to talk about that.



Some State Department Doublespeak

Kirby: Is al-Nusrah preventing civilians from leaving Aleppo?



Journalist Can't Contain Laughter As State Dept Claims US Doesn't Back Coups



More Social Engineering And False Reporting


The Democratic Convention

The Party of Unity? And people wonder what's wrong with this country.

You wondered where the Bernie people went on Day 2? They were kicked out of the convention and went here.

Day 3. While Joe Biden, Obama, movie stars and the media claim party unity before the national cameras,
 this is what's happening outside the convention.



From a year ago

Saudi Arabia Self-destructing

Saudi Arabia Tells World To Kiss Off - Their "Constitution" Is The Quran And Sharia Law

The 2003 Bombing They Talk About Killed US Contractors




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