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“We will take America without firing a shot ... we will bury you!

“We can’t expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism,
but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of socialism,
until they awaken one day to find that they have communism.

“We do not have to invade the United States, we will destroy you from within.”

Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev

This Protest Brought To You By The Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

(Check their URL: revcom.us)

Opinion By: Jim Allen

THE UNITED STATES - All right folks, it's 2015. Where are we headed?

The question's open-ended. That could mean where are we headed as a newspaper for 2015, or it could mean where are we headed as a community in Conecuh County – or as a society in the United States.

Let's start with this newspaper.

For 2015 we will be making some changes, some now and some as the year moves forward. One change I had planned included changing the name of our newspaper. But that won't be the case. As it turns out, we've made too large a footprint to change our name - and that's a good thing! There are some 50 or more links across the Internet that lead people to our website, and every major search engine has us listed. Just type in "The Monthly View" and we'll be number one on their list. We are now averaging close to 2,000 visitors per month (21,423 last year!) at our website, and our print edition has about 3,000 readers. Beginning in 2015, all long-term advertisers in our print edition will have an advertisement displayed on our website at no additional charge. Those ads will also be linked to the advertiser's website, should one be available. That means advertisers will have the ability to reach approximately 5,000 potential customers each month when they advertise in The Monthly View Newspaper.

As for the content of the newspaper, I'm not going to be changing that either. We will still bring important issues and events to the attention of our readers, and I will most certainly continue voicing my opinions on subjects whether they be local, state-wide, national or whatever.

I say whatever because in today's world, we just never know what's going to come up. Just like last year, I never in my wildest dreams thought Ebola would be an issue we'd be concerned with.

And now we have something else of major importance to discuss concerning of all things, the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, but I’ll get to that in a little while.

Last year I brought up a lot of issues we face as a community. Those issues have not changed. We know what they are and there isn't much sense in repeating them – otherwise I'd just reprint our November 2014 issue over and over again each month.
We chart our own course in Conecuh County. Things aren't better than they are because we haven't recognized our problems – addressed our problems – or changed our problems. We are doomed to repeat our mistakes because we keep trying to solve them the same old ways. So not much changes.

I don't have the answers for... wait a minute. I do have the answer to solve most of our problems. What I don't have is the ability to instill in people a sense of personal responsibility, a feeling of duty, a sense of compassion, respect for others, and a sense of selflessness instead of personal greed.

How do I know I don't have this ability? Because I can't even get my own kids to do their household chores. One's a “mature” teenager (and old enough to know better), and the other is now a “tweener.” At 12, he's not a child anymore, but not yet a teenager.

No matter what, they will not routinely do their chores and the house gets backed up into a mess.

So, how are my home problems representative of our community problems or our country's social ills?

I'm glad you asked. It's kind of like Einstein's theory of Relativity. It's all relative.

As for the kids, they should understand that doing their chores is essential for the common good. They should understand their chore is commensurate with their ability, a duty that only they may be capable of doing. They should do the chores understanding their participation helps make things easier for others to do their chores. They should do their chores out of respect of authority, and out of respect for their elders. They should do them because we're their parents and we told them to do it.

If I could properly instill these virtues into my children, then no matter what they encounter in their day-to-day lives, they would routinely and faithfully perform their duties – and (I hope) take the right path in life.

As for my kids... although it's extremely frustrating and driving me nuts, my kids will eventually get it. As long as they have at least one strong influence in their young lives extolling these virtues, they will eventually “get it.” What they lack – because they're young – is wisdom. And that only comes with age, experience, and a few bruises.

But the point is, no matter what, I can't make them “get it.” They have to “get it” on their own.

So what's the problem getting these virtues across to these kids?

There is no reinforcement of these virtues anywhere in society. And there hasn't been for a long, long time. Unfortunately, a couple of generations have gone by since America lost it's sense of propriety.

I remember when Ozzie and Harriet slept in separate beds. Today we have Miley Cyrus “twirking” on Prime Time television. Exposed breasts during Super Bowl half-time. The first five minutes of every drama on television prominently displays a dead body or people having sex – and leaves very little to the imagination. Sex is used to sell everything from body wash to hamburgers.

We've lost our direction as a society. We totally ignore what Human Nature truly is and how it often conflicts with Political Correctness, which is a concept solely designed to alienate and divide us. Political Correctness has been used to make us find things socially acceptable, even if we find them morally reprehensible. We have allowed advertising to convince generations of Americans to focus only on our base instincts, think only of ourselves, and strive for material things and an ever changing, unobtainable image of what it is to be hip or cool. To have the perfect hair. The perfect look. The perfect figure. To possess the perfect thing.

We've allowed advertising, money, special interests and politics to invade our homes and bombard us with propaganda through our television sets, all designed to sell their next product, push their next issue, and sow their political and social discontent.

We are not immune to these influences here in Conecuh County. What we and our children see on television, what we see on the news, what we read online, in social media, on our smartphones or tablets, has an overall effect on all of us. We are all influenced by it.

The choice for Conecuh County is ours to make. Do we want to be like them? The larger cities? The national consciousness? Do we want to have the same problems here that they do in New York, Chicago, D.C., or Ferguson, Missouri?

We are headed in that direction. With the advent of a truly digital revolution that's directly influencing society by encouraging every individual to become personally plugged in to, and dependent upon, a digital world, we are swimming in dangerous waters.

We, as a society, have become easily swayed and controlled. In fact... misled. Remember, it's been through Political Correctness and advertising that we've been convinced it's necessary that we be “plugged in,” that we be “Liked” on Facebook, and that we socially accept the morally unacceptable. And above all, that no obscure minority can ever be offended by anything we do, have done, or may ever do in the future. The new buzz word for that is “microaggression.” Be sure and put that one in your Liberal Dictionary.

How did we get here? Remember those virtues I talked about earlier? The ones I continue to preach to my children? The same ones society stopped promoting decades ago?

We've become addicted to the slime oozing out from our TV sets. We gobble it whole, believe what “they” tell us – because we don't actually talk to each other any more – and we learn about other cultures, other races and other places by the sorry examples we see on television, while some slick-haired talking head wearing a $2,000 suit tells us how we should feel about what we see.

Unfortunately, just about everything we see on television and everything the talking heads tell us is spun in a direction their editorial department wants us to think or feel about an issue, which is usually dependent upon who's buying the advertising or who owns the company.

Spin is Journalism 101. And at one time, was as taboo as plagiarism.

True Journalism died more than a decade ago when corporate giants gobbled up main stream media and started pushing their products and agendas by the way they portray the “news,” by the “news” they choose to cover, and by the “news” they don't even mention. They push their agendas through the choice of programs they broadcast and the content, plot and dialogue of those programs.

They truly are teaching us to socially accept the morally reprehensible.

Our media has become the mouthpiece for big money, politicians, and political parties dependent upon money from those big corporations to get re-elected. They are all bought and paid for - and together they use the power of their own mass media to manipulate the American public into believing what they want us to believe, show us what they want us to see, and to think how they want us to think.

We have all been blindsided, purposely brainwashed and turned against each other – and primed for a Communist/Socialist revolution right here on U.S. soil. That's not as far fetched as you might think. In fact, after a little research it appears to be quite true.

I've watched as our national media drifted away from true Journalism and reporting actual news that is/was relevant and important to the American people, into a propaganda machine that promotes political agendas, pharmaceutical drugs and mass merchandise often times used to track us, watch us, and control us.

The foundation for this Communist Revolution began on college campuses in the 1960's and has since spread into every aspect of our lives using the tactics I've already described. Now that they have us where they want us, the spark for actual confrontational, forceful revolution took place in Ferguson, MO.

On television news they showed us the police in riot gear firing tear gas, flash bangs and smoke grenades, and innocent people being injured.

If you followed the links on our website when things were really bad in Ferguson, you got to see raw streaming video footage live – and hopefully saw what was/is happening from a different perspective. National news didn't show the agitators – the provocateurs - in the background who were not part of any “peaceful protest.” They were spitting on police. Cussing police. Throwing things at police. Doing everything they possibly could to provoke a violent – or defensive – response from the police.

As the provocateurs led the way and shouted the slogans, following behind them were people carrying signs, no kidding, blatantly announcing they were the Communist Party of America. Also floating around were the Socialist Party, the New Black Panthers, and other revolutionary groups I've never even heard of.

You saw and heard none of this on main stream media. You didn’t hear the crowd chanting, “The Only Solution Is A Communist Revolution.”

You certainly weren’t told the Revolutionary Communist Party was financially backing the protest, providing “Community Organizing” and setting up travel and places to stay for “out of town” protesters.

Not even those participating realize who - or what - is in charge. It’s been hidden from them too, even though it’s been right in front of us.

This Communist organizing continues today at every major “protest” around the country and no one's paying attention. I'm highly concerned these “spontaneous protests” will continue to gather momentum until they become violent and provoke a response by law enforcement - who our government, the Communists, and the protesters are turning into “the enemy.”

Law enforcement is not our enemy, but will be if their plan succeeds.

The Communist groups organizing these events are providing financial and logistical support and have absolutely no interest or concern for the “cause.” THEY DON'T CARE! They only want to promote revolution and destroy our way of life in America. They don't care if the pretense is the killing of men by the police, stopping the Keystone Pipeline, or saving the Spotted Owl. They will jump on any bandwagon to promote conflict and say or do anything to bring about revolution - here - now.

Unfortunately, innocent people who are peacefully protesting, who believe in a moral cause and truly want to bring about police reform – FOR ALL OF US – are being used as cover while the Communists and Socialists incite the riots, the looting, the burning of buildings and cars, and provoke an aggressive response from police.

If innocent people get hurt, gassed, or arrested, so much the better because our liberal, in-league with them, national media will show – in high definition and in living color - that woman or child in pain and panic, and shove a microphone in their face just long enough for her to say, “I don't know why the police did that! Everything was fine one minute, and then for no reason they just started beating and arresting people.”

And the sad fact is, she really doesn't know. She doesn’t know the Communists are actually controlling the event and the spark that caused the chaos purposely happened well out of camera range. And the viewing audience won't know why those innocent people were hurt either and will erupt in anger at the police, at the blacks, at the whites – because this is how we've been programmed to react.

In the meanwhile the Communists get their revolution, their government takeover, and we suddenly realize we were duped into destroying our own country while they pitted us against each other for 50 years by promoting racial and social unrest.

If all this is true – and it appears to be so – then we've all been deceived. We were betrayed when the Communists/Socialists (actual Weather Underground terrorists), were allowed to infiltrate our higher education system, their Socialist followers then graduated and entered our government, our Judicial system, our media, Wall Street, and our Politics. They infiltrated the Democratic Party and “The Worker's Movement” in the United States was born.

None of this was by accident. They said they were going to do it – and they did. This is as serious as it gets. I will be posting video of just a few of the events that unfolded in Ferguson on our website for you to see. It is graphic and extremely foul language is prevalent. I urge every adult that reads this article and cares about our country to go to our website and watch what's actually taking place. See it and hear it for yourself. It's scary – and it's on U.S. Soil.

You MUST ask yourself, why is our government allowing this to happen – and why isn’t our media telling the American public what's really going on and who's sponsoring these protests?

I've told you why, when no one else is willing to. Look into this for yourself. Watch the videos. Listen and watch these people tell you themselves what they're doing. See it for yourself.

It explains why after the Civil Rights Movement things have gotten worse, not better. It explains why our government continues to make decisions that destroy our prestige abroad and sows unrest among it's citizens. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson would have us all believe (and helped convince many) that the Civil Rights Movement, led by Martin Luther King, didn't accomplish anything.

Personally, I believe otherwise. History proves otherwise. King accomplished his goal of bringing the black race onto equal footing within American society. But he wasn't alone. Both blacks and whites made that happen. We were maturing as a nation. It was time.

But waiting in the background was this Communist insurgency – which was active even then – and “the Black Struggle” was highjacked instead of left alone so that we could all assimilate in a natural fashion. People like Sharpton and Jackson, who had the “credentials” of the King legacy, realized they could make millions promoting racial strife instead of racial harmony. And the Communists/Socialists were/are more than happy to have them in their camp.

Imagine how strong a nation the United States would be today had these people promoted racial harmony and peace after the Civil Rights Movement instead of racial division.

Had King lived, I believe he would have promoted harmony and non-violence – and may have been assassinated because of it. Think about that.

King and the Civil Rights Movement succeeded. America was headed in the right direction and (with a few rough edges) we were getting along, until we were told we weren’t supposed to. Now they want to “finish what the Civil Rights Movement didn’t get done,” and not by peaceful means.

Once one meets equality - the only thing left is superiority.

That wasn’t King’s Dream.

Now, as for Conecuh County. It may be too late to save New York, Chicago or Detroit, but it’s not too late to save Conecuh County. We still have some time, but if you don't think these problems won't eventually land at our door steps, you'd better wake up. It's already here – just not to that level – and we need to do all we can to make sure it stays that way.

In our December issue I talked about being a good Christian. In our homes, in our schools and in our churches, we need to promote those virtues I spoke about earlier... being responsible, respectful, selfless instead of selfish, greedy and self-serving. Those are part of core Christian values and a counter to what’s taking place across America.

We need to wake up, start talking to each other, get along and work together to move Conecuh County forward, both socially and economically. We need to break up our political cliques and move away from the crony capitalism that has kept Conecuh County stagnant and socially depressed.

I'm going to keep beating that drum until I get the point across that everyone deserves a fair, and equal chance. A fair chance at a job to support their families. A proper education where our children not only learn to read and write, but are taught proper social virtues and civic responsibility so they can contribute to our community in a positive way.

Would you rather our government and our businesses give people a fair and equal chance at employment at a decent wage, or do you want the people to be disillusioned and desperate when the liberal Socialists come to town and try and get them to unionize?

We need to come together as a community, get special interests out of our politics, and get politics out of our business. We need to strengthen and protect our social fabric, here in Conecuh, from those who want to cause harm to our country – and destroy our way of life.

As I'm showing you here, those forces, today, are hard at work. Their evil has been camouflaged and good people are being deceived. What are you doing? Falling into their trap, or starting to wake up? We have a long way to go – and a short time to get there.

We cannot afford to lose our youth, or our county. Unfortunately, our country, our very way of life, is certainly at risk.

God Bless Save the U.S.A.


How This Article Came About

Back when the major protests and riots broke out in Ferguson, I had several links to live streaming video posted on our website. These videos were nothing like what was portrayed on national television. They were often much more graphic and showed a much more radical aspect to what were reported to be peaceful protests.

While watching these videos, I began paying attention to the signs people were carrying. Many had Internet URLs, (addresses) either on their banners or posted below the slogans. Out of curiosity I checked one of those URLs and was floored when the home page for the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA popped up.

I thought to myself, “this must just be a small group,” but as I paid closer attention I saw it was a large contingent, waving banners, signs and their traditional red flags. They were leading the group and leading the chants, threatening police and their families, calling for the death of the officer involved in the shooting, then began chanting, “The Only Solution Is A Communist Revolution!”
This went on throughout the protests - and the riots.

I tucked this information away for future reference thinking maybe (hoping) that this was just a bizarre oddity. I haven’t heard about the Revolutionary Communist Party in decades - like it became an extinct dinosaur.

Then I saw video of the latest protests in New York, Chicago, and L.A. Guess what I saw? You guessed it, more signs linked to the Communist Party.

I paid more attention, did some research, and came to several conclusions:

1) This Is Serious!
2) Most of the people carrying these signs can’t possibly know who’s providing the funding, the support, or the signs! I hope not anyway!
3) If innocent people are there protesting for one thing, but the Communists and Socialists are actually using them for something else (armed revolution in the United States), then how deep is the deception?
4) Then I thought about what came about in Ferguson. The peaceful protests. The agent provocateurs, which also included a Palestinian who spat on a police officer and proudly stated he supported terrorism. Then the fires. The looting.
5) I thought about how this deception could possibly have taken place in the United States. I followed the Communist trail and gathered pieces of history and fact that would explain what’s happening in our country today. The results, if true, could mean the Communists/Socialists already have almost total control. The only thing missing being the armed revolt. And we never saw it coming.
6) I had a duty as a Journalist and an American to report what I’d found.


WARNING: Some of these videos use graphic language. Be an adult.
After watching these videos,
 for what is happening in America.
This clearly shows they tried this in the 60's with our white youth. Now they are doing it to our black youth.
And they're doing it to America.

PEASE BE AWARE I have no control over the types of videos that pop up once you have viewed a video on this page! Some of those videos appear offensive and I do not endorse them in any way.

My sole intent with the actual videos presented here, is to enlighten the public. Not help fan the flames of hatred and fall into the trap laid by this conspiracy against all Americans.




This is still happening today.

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In one way or another, all our schools are forced to accept the federal government's regulations and curriculum
 in order to receive federal funding and meet federal requirements.
Here is an example of Common Core, and the dumbing down of our primary educational system.

Who do you think creates that curriculum? Our highly qualified College Professors mentioned above.

'Tell Me the Difference Between You and a Socialist'

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