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During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

George Orwell

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27 June 2017

Ignorance Is Bliss - Or Is It Just Ignorance?

There are times where what I see going on around me becomes overwhelming - and I just need time to get my... thoughts straight. What's taking place in our world is unprecedented in my lifetime.

If you don't know about something, then you won't be worried about it. But you also won't understand why you got ran over by a Mac truck - if you don't know what a Mac truck is.

What's taking place in our community, our state, or nation, and around the world today is beyond belief. 

Corruption, collusion, greed for power and money, a general lack of civility, seems to have become the norm - and like sheep, we sit around and graze and act as if Rome isn't burning simply because it hasn't landed in our front yard... yet.

Things are so screwed up I can't find a place to start because the more I look, the deeper the Rabbit Hole goes.


24 June 2017

I've moved the Jeff Sessions video to the Washington page, along with the Citizenship test. You can view them there.

There's been a lot of "stuff" happening in Washington, and locally, lately. For the time being, I'm just going to stay quiet.


3 June 2017

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

In order to follow this anti-government connection between Kent Hovind and Chris Jones, you have to delve deep down the Rabbit Hole into Government Conspiracies and the New World Order (NWO) - a place most people don't want to go.

In this audio recording of Hovind, he claims Jones was set up by the government due to investigative work Jones was allegedly involved in concerning the New World Order and the Bohemian Grove, a 2,700 acre private men-only club in California. The club is "suspected" by conspiracy theorists of being the hub of Satanic rituals and human sacrifice - with membership that includes former presidents and our nation's political elite.

Chris Jones was allegedly working with Alex Jones - Conspiracy Theorist Extraordinaire on YouTube - who has also done video segments on Kent Hovind proclaiming his innocence on the tax issues that sent Hovind to prison for nine years.

You can view a seven-count indictment from Orange County California against Chris Jones on our All Things Kent Hovind Page along with Billy's re-posted video backing away from his support of Kent Hovind.


1 June 2017

Interesting Development In The Hovind Video Battle

I've been following this Hovind video battle so you won't have to. I almost apologize for having to bring the latest to your attention, but you have a right to know what's taking place.

Since this began in April, more than a dozen videos from numerous people have been posted to YouTube both pro and con concerning Kent Hovind and his compound in Lenox. One of those people is a young man called "Billy" who has posted several videos trying to sort this issue out concerning Hovind's veracity, and ultimately came out in support of Hovind to the point of visiting the compound over Memorial Day weekend and participating in one of Hovind's videos (who doesn't know when Memorial Day is and seems to confuse it with Veterans Day).

Today Billy posted a new video withdrawing his support of Hovind, and removed all of his previous videos offering support.

Billy says he withdrew his support after Hovind allegedly put him in contact with an individual who lives near Billy asking him to engage "in fellowship" with this individual. According to Billy, this individual is reportedly a convicted pedophile he wants nothing to do with.

Billy goes on to claim Hovind supports this individual because he was involved in some sort of anti-government movement and the individual "did nothing wrong," and was set up by the government and arrested for playing strip poker with two underage boys.

Billy says he withdrew his support of Hovind due to Hovind's support of this individual and his encouragement for Billy to make contact and allow this individual to appear on Billy's YouTube channel to plead his case.

In his video, Billy claims to have audio recordings of Hovind concerning this conversation. Having followed this drama for the past two months and watching Billy's videos up to this point, I have every reason to believe Billy when he says he has these recordings in his possession.

Not only is this an interesting turn of events concerning the Kent Hovind drama, but this video reflects two things I wrote about in my original July 2016 article. One is Hovind's apparent obsession with the Sovereign Citizen movement and his support for those individuals who have run afoul of the law; and the other is Billy's amazement in the beginning of this video as to how he unintentionally got caught up in the drama surrounding Kent Hovind.

I described that as The Hovind Effect.

I have no doubt there will be more to this story.

UPDATE: On the morning of 2 June, Billy removed the video from public view. It may reappear - it may not.
This newspaper is in possession of a downloaded copy of the video.


24 May 2017

DNC Staffer Story Gone Viral

The story about Seth Rich possibly being the source of the DNC email leaks has gone viral with the media establishment doing all it can to discredit and kill the story. Outlets such as CNN and The Washington Post have gone out of their way to discredit the story calling it a Conspiracy Theory and smear the credibility of anyone associated with it. Even prominent DNC staffers have tried to interfere with any media investigation into the death of Seth Rich.

Solving this case, no matter where it may lead, has become a matter of national security due to it's potential involvement with the leaked DNC emails. We can't trust the politics in Washington - and we can't trust the media to tell us the truth.

But there is one group out there that appears to want answers, and that group is known as Judicial Watch.



16 May 2017

Squirrel!! Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain

In case you haven't noticed, Mainstream Media is again attacking Trump with false accusations and attempting to steer Congress and Public Opinion towards the conclusion he's either incompetent - or a Master Spy for the Russians hell-bent on the destruction of the Universe.

Their hysteria is comical - and purposely happening now to distract the public from two news stories that will devastate their false narrative and their endless vilification of our President.

The Russians Did Not Do It!

The first - and most important - is the Russians did not hack the Democratic National Committee then turn their emails over to WikiLeaks, which is the foundation of their narrative that the Russians are behind everything, including turning the neighbor's pool yellow.

In an article below, on 17 December 2016, I said that it wasn't the Russians that hacked the DNC emails, it was a Democratic operative who had turned them over to WikiLeaks.

His name was Seth Rich, a 27-year old who worked for the DNC. Shortly after turning over 44,000 emails to WikiLeaks he was found dead on a D.C. sidewalk at 4 a.m. - the alleged victim of a botched robbery - since nothing was apparently stolen.

Rich's family is in denial. What parent would want to learn their son was responsible for the "crime of the century" and murdered because of it? The family's "spokesman" is a DNC "crisis management" insider who spends a lot of time on CNN denying Seth Rich was the leak at DNC headquarters, and even suggested the Russians may have killed Seth Rich!

However, according to a FOX news report, a federal investigator claims Rich turned over 44,053 emails and 17,761 attachments to WikiLeaks showing, among other things, the DNC had rigged the Primary Election to favor Hillary Clinton.

If You're A Democrat - Your Vote Doesn't Count!

Now, relating to the rigged Primary, the Democratic National Committee is presently in court being sued for running a rigged Primary - and no, not by Trump or any Conservative group - but on behalf of Bernie supporters.

So, what is the DNC putting up as a defense to the accusation? The Committee can pick who it wants as it's Presidential candidate and is not bound by law to conduct a fair and equal election among the Democratic Party's Primary candidates.

I kid you not! Their defense is they can choose whomever they want - and votes for other candidates don't count!

Neither of these stories are reaching Mainstream Media because they don't want you to know they're lying. They are hiding behind the 1st Amendment in an effort to overthrow the democratic (small D) process and denying the Public proper information relative to what's really going on in America.

Mainstream Media today is not real Journalism. It's Propaganda. It's goal is to overthrow our duly elected government.




10 May 2017

History Repeating Itself

I remember the 1960s and early 70s. The ant-war protests by the far-Left. The riots, the radicals, the Weather Underground, Patty Hurst and the SLA. Don't confuse the "hippie" movement with the far-Left. That was actually something much different, but used as camouflage by the radical Socialists. They were Socialists then - they're Socialists now - and still hiding amongst other groups in our world of Identity Politics.

Today they're called Progressives, Antifa (anti-fascists), The Resistance. These are the Socialist groups based  in our larger cities and on college campus who riot to prevent opposing opinions and ideas from being heard. One of the very things that fascists do.

One of the anti-war tactics in the 60s was to camp out in airports and protest in the faces of  returning veterans of Vietnam. The radicals chanted, held signs, spat on our soldiers and called them "baby killers."

Today we have social media and no need for the radicals to take the time to go to airports, when they can spread their cheer on Facebook.

By chance I ran across this video of a soldier who, at the time of this video, had recently returned from Iraq. This man had just returned from combat. He's under the stress of trying to return to "normal" life and he's a bit edgy - and quite passionate. This video is his response to being called a baby killer on social media.

My point is, we're coming full circle in this country. The Left wants to flood the United States with illegal immigrants and Middle Eastern "refugees" to achieve a "multi-cultural society." To support that goal, the Left is again calling our soldiers baby killers.




1 May 2017

The Hovind Brouhaha

With all the fur that's flying in the current video battle between Kent Hovind and an assorted group of former followers, my name and the name of this newspaper is being tossed around in some circles. As - I guess - it should be since articles involving Hovind are part of this website and part of the Public Record.

However, don't be confused. This is a newspaper for the people of Conecuh County. It's a newspaper. Not one of several anti-Hovind websites and Facebook pages across the Internet. Constantly bashing Hovind is not my gig. Others seem to have that down to a science which can at times provide reasonable entertainment value.

My coverage of Hovind started out as a purely Journalistic endeavor and was nothing more - or different - than thousands of other articles I've written over my career for the people of this county.

Hovind and Commissioner Johnny Andrews, however, chose to join forces and make a YouTube video falsely attacking me personally, and this newspaper in general, because Hovind didn't like what I wrote. Oddly enough, everything I wrote was true.

I provided a response to the video in this newspaper - as was necessary. You can download a copy here.

Since that time, Hovind has not attacked this newspaper again - and unless or until something happens in Hovind's world that spills out and into the real-world effecting Conecuh County or me personally, there won't be any coverage of it here, except perhaps to note it's existence. Such as what I did with links to the video battle.

I leave the Hovind bashing to others. Which is really what part of my original article was all about. Hovind bashing seems to follow him wherever he goes and people from all sides tend to get sucked up in it, often as unwilling participants.

It's an amazing thing! I called it The Hovind Effect.

Now, to Johnny Andrews. He has continued to make waves in Conecuh County, not only making the pages of this newspaper, but every newspaper for 50+ miles. Being a local politician, and being a known associate of Kent Hovind, it's difficult if not impossible for me to write an article about Andrews without mentioning Kent Hovind.

Merely saying Hovind's name can toss this newspaper into the realm of the anti-Hovind groups who are in search of any information concerning Kent Hovind. We come up in their Internet searches - and we get discussed on their pages.

That shouldn't be unexpected.

Because Kent Hovind now resides in Conecuh County, events surrounding him have become relevant to our readers. Thus our coverage of his current video battle. What makes it significant is that Theo Valentine (he goes by several last names) was deep in Hovind's inner circle going back long before he was released from prison. Theo is not just a, "disgruntled employee." He is - or was - a longtime associate and confidant. So the battle is relevant.

I hope this helps explain the stance of this newspaper. When it's appropriate or necessary we will certainly cover events surrounding Kent Hovind - and particularly his connections to District 3 County Commissioner Johnny Andrews.

This newspaper certainly had a nasty run-in with Hovind (and Andrews) and that event is chronicled throughout this website. Feel free to read about it. But this is not, nor do we intend to be, part of the ongoing anti-Hovind movement across the Internet.

However, as a newspaper, that doesn't mean we won't report on it. I already have and will continue to do so if it remains relevant. And yes, we'll be watching.

Since Hovind and Andrews chose to directly attack this newspaper in the past, they gave me no choice but to keep a weather eye on both of them.


23 April 2017

Official Notice

This from Earthlink:

Dear EarthLink Subscriber,

We're sending you this message because your Web page has reached 80% of your monthly data transfer quota. If your page exceeds the total monthly quota, your Web pages may temporarily go offline until the start of the next calendar month.

I can no longer keep track of accurate data on how much traffic this site receives. When I could keep track, we didn't start running low on bandwidth until we went above 6,000 visitors a month. When I received this notice in the past, I would juggle the data between this site and two others to keep this (Main) site active.

This particular notice is referencing this, the Main site, and I can't figure out why - unless it was the addition of the two surveys above that caused it.

Just be aware that in the near future, this website may temporarily disappear until the 1st of May.

If you want to see some scary numbers for this website, look here! Really! 39,000 visitors a month! That's what they say. http://themonthlyview.home.mindspring.com.hypestat.com/


22 April 2017

God Doesn't Like Ugly

I find it highly interesting that the two men who attacked this newspaper claiming our coverage of them has been false and misleading are now being exposed by other sources and circumstances confirming our original coverage of them was indeed accurate and justified.

Johnny Andrews has been arrested following an investigation by the FBI and the Alabama Attorney General's Office.

Now multiple followers of Kent Hovind, aka Dr. Dino, who stayed at his compound are coming forward in YouTube videos and on Facebook to expose events in Lenox. One of those followers has now announced they have met with the FBI.


10 April 2017

The Hovind Effect

Considering the circumstances Commissioner Johnny Andrews now finds himself in, I can’t help but wonder if what’s happening isn’t an example of The Hovind Effect I wrote about back in July of last year.

It was then that I wrote a cautionary article to the people of Conecuh County concerning Kent Hovind, AKA, Dr. Dino, and his arrival in Lenox.

Andrews was instrumental in bringing Hovind to our community.

A newly released convicted felon with a long history of brushing against our federal government, I warned that Hovind and anyone associated with him would be under federal surveillance.

Stevie Wonder could have seen that one coming.

Not only did Andrews (or other Powers That Be) not get the message, Andrews joined with Hovind in his official capacity as a County Commissioner to produce a 30 minute Youtube video making false accusations against me and this newspaper that has been viewed more than 25,000 times.

Good way to keep a low profile.

I have to think Andrews’ problems started a year ago. The Feds started looking and apparently found something of interest.

As you’ll read in this issue, marijuana is not high on the FBI’s list of priorities. However Public Corruption is.

Some people closely associated with Andrews had better be straightening up their act and start flying right.

But more than likely, it’s already too late.


6 April 2017

Conecuh County Commissioner Johnny Andrews Arrested On Drug Charges
But Case Shrouded In Mystery

Opinion By: Jim Allen

CONECUH COUNTY - The March 15th arrest of Conecuh County Commissioner Johnny Andrews on charges of marijuana distribution has certainly sent shock waves throughout south Alabama.

Andrews has become well known among political circles across the south Alabama/N.W. Florida area beginning with his involvement in 2007 with the anti-dump organization, Citizens For A Clean Southwest Alabama, who successfully stopped construction of a landfill outside the town of Repton.

Riding that wave of notoriety, the citizens of District 3 elected Andrews Commissioner in 2012, and he won a second term last November.

During his tenure, he has not only been a Commissioner, but has sat on, or remains appointed to, several Boards of Directors to various groups and organizations that include the ALA-TOM Resource Conservation and Development Council, Coastal Gateway Regional Economic Development Alliance, and the Evergreen-Conecuh Capital Improvement Cooperative District Of Evergreen, to name a few.

So when agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Alabama Attorney General’s Office arrested Andrews on six counts of distributing marijuana, Class B felonies with penalties of up to 10 years on each count, it got a lot of people’s attention and set a lot of tongues wagging.

Almost a month later, there are still no official details concerning Andrews’ arrest. According to the Conecuh County Circuit Clerk’s Office, the case has been sealed by government authority, which means no information concerning the case, the circumstances of Andrews’ arrest, his booking information or bond amount... nothing, can or will be released until - or if - government decides to do so.

In fact, as of press time, I haven’t even been able to find out who sealed the case, the FBI or the Alabama Attorney General’s Office.

So what does all this mystery mean?

Fundamentally it can only mean one thing - the case remains under investigation.

That in itself opens a whole world of possibilities surrounding the arrest of Johnny Andrews - and leaves him the “talk of the town” around many a kitchen table as our community tries to fill in the missing pieces.

In a “normal” drug bust, law enforcement announces the arrest, shows the mug shots, trots out the contraband, states the case against the accused, then poses for pictures.

This is what the public - especially Conecuh County - is used to seeing take place. The investigation leads to the arrest, and it’s now time to arrest and prosecute.

This time it’s different. Much different. This is not local law enforcement. This is the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Alabama Attorney General and the Alabama Bureau of Investigation.

Sealing a criminal case is so rare, that according to the Circuit Clerk’s Office, as far as they can tell it’s never happened in Conecuh County before.

These are Big Guns arresting a local politician on relatively minor marijuana charges, then going completely silent about why they did it.

So the question becomes, “what are they still investigating?” It obviously involves Johnny Andrews, his activities, and his associates.

There are several aspects to this case which I have become aware of through contacts and sources whom I will not disclose nor repeat the information provided.

My responsibility as a Publisher is not to jeopardize an investigation by law enforcement, but to coexist in our civic duties and cooperate as much as possible to inform the public with true, factual information. Even if it’s only to tell our readers there is no information.

Unlike Mainstream media, I will not quote unnamed sources concerning an ongoing investigation.

I suspect this case will remain sealed, and the investigation will continue, until the Alabama Attorney General’s Office is ready to present their evidence to a Grand Jury this Fall and indictments are handed down.

Perhaps then we’ll find out the full extent of the mysterious case involving Johnny Andrews.

So, considering we’re dealing with state and federal agencies, just what do these high-power law enforcement agencies investigate?

Mid-level marijuana sales - even by politicians - barely gets their attention, although according to Alabama Code, distribution is just shy of Trafficking, a much more serious charge.

So I visited the FBI’s website to see what I could find. And what’s their Number One Priority?

Public Corruption

Public corruption, the FBI’s top criminal investigative priority, poses a fundamental threat to our national security and way of life. It can affect everything from how well our borders are secured and our neighborhoods protected to how verdicts are handed down in courts to how public infrastructure such as roads and schools are built. It also takes a significant toll on the public’s pocketbooks by siphoning off tax dollars - it is estimated that public corruption costs the U.S. government and the public billions of dollars each year. The FBI is uniquely situated to combat corruption, with the skills and capabilities to run complex undercover operations and surveillance.


White-Collar Crime

The FBI’s white-collar crime work integrates the analysis of intelligence with its investigations of criminal activities such as public corruption, money laundering, corporate fraud, securities and commodities fraud, mortgage fraud, financial institution fraud, bank fraud and embezzlement, fraud against the government, election law violations, mass marketing fraud, and health care fraud. The FBI generally focuses on complex investigations - often with a nexus to organized crime activities - that are international, national, or regional in scope and where the FBI can bring to bear unique expertise or capabilities that increase the likelihood of successful investigations.


And this is what I found at the Attorney General’s website:

Alabama Attorney General Investigations Division


The Investigations Division of the Attorney General’s Office investigates a variety of criminal matters, such as public corruption, white collar crime, “cold” cases involving unsolved homicides and rapes, and other violent crimes. The Investigations Division’s core values are integrity, independence, leadership, initiative, and respect for individuals.

Alabama Attorney General Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Investigations Division open its cases?

The Division cannot open investigations without first establishing reasonable suspicion to believe that a crime may have been committed. Complaints are received from a variety of sources, including, among others, citizen letters, e-mails and telephone calls; referrals from other agencies; and independent sources. If the complaint is not based upon specific facts but is merely broad conjecture of a specific crime, or has already been adjudicated in civil or criminal court, or is an on-going investigation being conducted by another state or local law enforcement agency, it is unlikely that an investigation will be authorized.

Does the Investigations Division comment on any open investigations?

In order to conduct an investigation professionally and fairly, the Investigations Division cannot make any public comment on ongoing investigations.

Are police reports and arrest records public information?

Police reports and arrest records except for confidential information or information that is part of an on-going investigation would be public record. For example, a victim's name and address or the name of a minor who has been arrested would be blocked out and could not be viewed on the police report or arrest record.

How long does an investigation take?

The length of time depends on a number of factors, including the complexity of the crime being investigated, the current caseload, and the kinds of evidence involved.

How do I file a complaint if I think a public official or employee has committed a crime?

A person who has information that a public official or employee has committed a crime should contact either the Public Corruption, or Criminal Trials, or Investigations Division of the Alabama Attorney General’s Office. A person making a complaint should provide any facts he or she has supporting the complaint. Please note the status of any investigation is confidential and will not be disclosed to a person making a complaint.


After reading all that you now have some idea on what the FBI and Alabama Attorney General investigate, how an investigation can be initiated, how an investigation is conducted, and when information concerning a case is released to the public.

It’s also obvious The Big Boys aren’t here because Andrews might have been involved in a minor marijuana operation - unless we’re talking plane loads - and that wouldn’t result in distribution charges, that would be more like Trafficking, RICO, Conspiracy and Money Laundering.

There is more going on here than meets the eye.

This is an FBI - Alabama Attorney General's Office - SBI (ABI) operation. And that's exactly what it is - an operation - which requires some degree of secrecy in order to complete.

It appears this is a Top Down operation. This appears to have came from the FBI - to the AG's Office - to the State Bureau of Investigation. Our local constabulary probably had little or no knowledge of what was about to take place.

I also believe the Feds wouldn't put all their eggs in the Johnny Andrews Basket. No doubt they already have solid proof on whomever they're after, but a "little cooperation" would certainly make presenting the case a bit easier.

I'll quote the Attorney General's Press Release: Special Agents with Attorney General Marshall’s Office sought arrest warrants after a joint investigation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed evidence that Andrews made multiple sales of illegal controlled substances in Conecuh County. These transactions led to the multiple arrest warrants issued and executed today.

It specifically says "multiple arrest warrants." But those “multiple warrants” may only represent a warrant for each of the six counts Andrews has been charged with, and not represent warrants for other individuals.

However, in the course of the investigation there will also be search warrants, which aren't mentioned in the release, but necessary in order to conduct an operation of this magnitude. As things move forward, information and new evidence will lead to more search warrants and more evidence gathered as they follow the trail.

As we've seen in the past, they may gather evidence from a location - but make no arrests at that time. Arrests related to that evidence may not take place until months later. After they've had time to go through it with a fine-toothed comb.

So, for everyone looking for updates, there won't be any until the Attorney General's Office decides to let the public know exactly what this is all about. Right now everything is in it's early stages which necessitates as much secrecy as possible.

Personally, I'm glad to see the FBI and the AG's Office in Conecuh County. We've needed this toilet flushed for a long, long time. Maybe once these guys get through, the Good Ol' Boy system and the little Fiefdoms it's created will come to an end and Conecuh County can actually grow beyond what - and who - they control.

We can only hope. But we'll all have to wait as this shakes out to it's conclusion. Look for it around November after the next Grand Jury. I suspect they’ll use that time to gather evidence and conduct their investigation. Which means... they’re still here - and will be for the foreseeable future.

In the meanwhile we can all guess what will happen. Will Andrews roll over? Will he fall on his sword, keep his mouth shut and face 60 years in prison? Will he cop a plea? Will others come forward? Have others come forward?

However it shakes loose - it’s going to be interesting.


3 April 2017

I am not a fan of the Southern Poverty Law Center - but neither am I a fan of Kent Hovind. I am posting this to show the people of Conecuh County that Hovind continues to draw the attention of outside groups, organizations, and perhaps even law enforcement.

On April 3, Mississippi State University [MSU] is hosting a guest lecturer who will speak on carbon dating techniques used to determine the age of artifacts. The evening’s invited guest lecturer is none other than Kent Hovind, also known as Dr. Dino or, Inmate Number 06452017.


21 March 2017

Was The Court Misled Last October When The Evergreen Conecuh Capital Investment Cooperative District Asked To Float A $4 million Bond Issue?

Opinion By: Jim Allen

Maybe now would be a good time to tell you about something that happened October 25, 2016. You guys should remember that date because if you are a resident of Conecuh County, that's the day you were sued by the Evergreen Conecuh Capital Investment Cooperative District for $4 million.

I was the only “resident” to show up for court. I also showed up the first time we were sued by the Evergreen Conecuh Capital Investment Cooperative District for money – or more accurately – so they could float a bond issue.

In October, after being recognized by the Judge, I once again inquired as to why the Cooperative District has to sue the people of Conecuh County in order to float a bond issue, something I've never seen in my 30 plus years as a Journalist.

Again, I received no straightforward answer. But that's not the interesting part. I was able, in court, to establish that all of the dealings involving the Cooperative District are supposed to be open to the public and that The District is required to give proper Public Notice before their meetings.

Does that happen? Do they do it? I think you know the answer. Their procedure might barely meet the minimum required by law, but they do not have regular meetings and they do not notify the newspapers. But they spend your money.

It was not my intent to protest or put a stop to the proceedings. My intent was to let certain people know someone was watching – having the Judge state on the Record that The District is subject to Alabama's Sunshine Law was icing on the cake. So having done what I set out to do, it was time to sit down, shut up and watch.

The Important Part

As court proceeded, an attorney for The District explained to the Judge that the $4 million would be used for infrastructure within the Cooperative District at the Liberty Hill Project.

It was also stated the bond would be secured by 2 cents of the City of Evergreen's sales tax.

The court approved. Paperwork was signed – and the deed was done.

After the case was closed, and I had a few words with one of the City's representatives outside the Courthouse, I was pulled aside and told the $4 million bond issue was not for infrastructure at the Liberty Hill Project, but to repay (with interest) a $3 million loan.

I contacted a City Councilperson and that information was easily confirmed. In fact, it was relayed as common knowledge.

What did come as a shock to the councilperson was that 2 cents of the City's tax revenue was on the hook to secure the bond. It was their understanding that the 2 cents was supposed to be from The District's “user fee,” which is collected as a “tax” by the retail businesses operating within The District.

I urged the councilperson to obtain a court transcript to verify my information, but I doubt that ever happened.

Was the court mislead about what the $4 million would be used for? Am I mistaken and just misunderstood?

There is another witness to the court proceedings – and they heard it all too.

A court transcript and full disclosure as to how that $4 million bond issue was/is used would tell the tale.


15 March 2017



(MONTGOMERY)--Attorney General Steven T. Marshall announced the arrest today of Conecuh County Commissioner John William Andrews Jr. for six counts of unlawful distribution of marijuana, a controlled substance. Andrews was arrested by law enforcement agents from the Attorney General’s Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Special Agents with Attorney General Marshall’s Office sought arrest warrants after a joint investigation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed evidence that Andrews made multiple sales of illegal controlled substances in Conecuh County.  These transactions led to the multiple arrest warrants issued and executed today. 

No further information about the investigation or about Andrews’ alleged crimes other than that stated in the warrants may be released at this time.

If convicted, Andrews faces a maximum penalty of two to 10 years of imprisonment for each of the counts, which are class B felonies.  Furthermore, Section 36-9-2 of the Code of Alabama states that when an officeholder is convicted of a felony, the office is vacated from the time of conviction.

*An arrest warrant is merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.


15 March 2017

State And Federal Agents Performing Operation in Conecuh County

Okay, this is what I do know, several state and federal agencies have descended on Conecuh County and appear to be making arrests. Rumor is at least one of those arrests involve a high ranking county official.

At this point (mid-afternoon) I have not been able to obtain "official" confirmation as to what's taking place.

I have calls in to the Conecuh County Sheriff's Department, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (DPS), and the Alabama Attorney General's Office in an effort to obtain official information.

James Leon Windham, on his Blogspot Conecuh News And Views, is reporting that District 3 Commissioner Johnny Andrews has been arrested.

When I have official confirmation and more details, I'll post an update.


9 March 2017

People Are Watching

I’ve been trying to tell some of the Powers That Be around here that people from outside Conecuh County are watching what’s happening here, but for some reason they choose to ignore me.

Some of those watching are ordinary citizens, others are a bit more difficult to define.

What I thought was an upsurge in visitors to our website due to the brouhaha over the false and unjust attack on this newspaper by Commissioner Johnny Andrews and Kent Hovind, aka Dr. Dino, turned out to be a bit broader than that.

The Feds were watching too.

Turns out Conecuh County was about to be center stage at the confirmation hearings for Sen. Jeff Sessions as Attorney General and everybody in Washington D.C. knew it.

But we didn’t.

Anything online directly connected to Conecuh County was suddenly a hot property, particularly our website which had so many visitors we got knocked offline more than once.


Now all sorts of people in Washington have focused on Conecuh County - and read our articles. I’d never get it verified, but I have reason to believe some folks around here even received “friendly” visits. But they’d never admit it. Or at least not to me.

Makes you wonder what might happen next.


2 March 2017

Conecuh County Center Of Contention
At Sessions AG Confirmation Hearing

Opinion By: Jim Allen

WASHINGTON-Once again Conecuh County takes center stage in the national arena for God and everybody to see, this time at the confirmation hearings for Senator Jeff Sessions as United States Attorney General.

What? You didn't know?

Well one saving grace was the fact that Minnesota's Democratic Senator Al Franken couldn't pronounce Conecuh correctly and kept calling us Cone Kuh. Maybe that's how it slipped by.

People might remember Franken as a second-rate comedian on Saturday Night Live back in the 1990's who couldn't keep up with the talent of folks like John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner, or Garett Morris, so he went into politics and the people of Minnesota were stupid enough to elect him to the Senate by 312 votes.

And now here we are, 22 years later, with Franken beating Sessions over the head with Conecuh County like it's a club, exposing our “racist” heritage and saying Sessions didn't do enough to stop it by claiming he wasn't personally involved in our prosecution.

That's right. As far as Washington D.C. is concerned, Conecuh County is and has been the center of racism in Alabama for some time.

In 2014 Evergreen was the first city in the country to be “bailed in” and remains under sections of the 1965 Voting Rights Act until 2020 because of shenanigans during the 2012 election, and back in 1983, then-U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions along with Attorney General William French Smith, the Acting Assistant Attorney General of the Civil Rights Division, and the Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, filed suit against the all white Conecuh County Commission based on allegations that, “only white poll workers were hired, racial epithets were heard at polling places, comments were heard that turned away black voters, allegations that white voters cast ballots when their names were not on the voter roll, allegations of limitations on the number of black voters who had access to a polling place, allegations of limitations on the amount of time black voters were permitted to spend in the voting booth, and illegal assistance to voters.“

Quite a laundry list.

In fact, this was an historical case. According to reports, the United States v. Conecuh County was the first voter suppression lawsuit ever instituted by the United States Department of Justice.

We are special. What a distinction.

During the confirmation hearing Jeff Sessions was asked to list a series of cases he was personally involved in as a U.S. Attorney that he felt most represented his accomplishments on Civil Rights issues.

At the top of Franken’s list was Cone Kuh County.

Sessions did exactly what top level government prosecutors do in cases like this, his office brought the charges, assistant prosecuting attorneys were assigned the case, and Sessions used the full weight and power of the U.S. Attorney's Office and the Department of Justice to support the prosecution.

So what corn cob was up Franken's butt? His definition of “personally involved” meant Sessions should have been physically inside the courtroom. Which Sessions was not.

Playing to the camera, Franken dramatically accused Sessions of lying about his “personal” involvement, when the way the case was actually presented followed standard procedures that remain true to this day.

If it's not some hairy non-existent beast roaming our woods this week, or a non-existent Young Earth Creationist themed “Dinosaur” park disguised as a gravel pit, it seems we can always depend on Conecuh County to be drug before a national audience in a negative way even if politicians and the media have to go back 35 years to do it.

And notice it's always been our local elected officials who took us there. Somehow I don’t think national media will have to wait 35 years for the next one.




11 February 17

History Repeating Itself

This guy is describing what I said more than two years ago. The Socialist/Communists want to destroy our country from within - at any cost. This is the exact same strategy the U.S. branch of the Revolutionary Communist Party (revcom.us) is promoting.

In watching the news coverage of the riots on college campuses, particularly UC Berkley, something came to mind. In the 60s, Berkley was one of the colleges where the Free Speech Movement started. Do you remember what that "Free Speech" was? Were you even alive to know? It was Free Speech to promote the Socialist agenda on college campuses and rebel against the establishment. In the 60s they protested to establish a Socialist agenda - now in 2017 they are rioting to keep that agenda and promoting violence against anyone who speaks against it.

That's called Fascism - not Free Speech. They ARE what they preach against.


8 February 17

Ever wonder how stupid humans really are?

In my Weather Wars article some time back I alluded to the fact that our technology today is more powerful than our moral compass to contain it. In spite of all the Jurassic Park movies, some idiot will one day bring a T-rex back to life. Humans are just that stupid. And we're seeing a lot of stupid lately.

While your wondering how stupid we can get - keep in mind some moron paid $100,000 for a Cheeto - and another 132 rocket scientists bid on it.


31 January 17

Is The Left Just Nuts Or Is Something Going On?

After reading some of the absolute garbage I've seen on the Internet, you have to ask the question. Some of the claims are so "out of your mind" that you have to question whether someone is pulling strings and trying to enflame outrage that doesn't exist.

I've talked before about the psychological warfare being launched against the American people and I believe I've found a perfect example of comments so outrageous - unfounded - open-ended - and off the charts, that you have to think someone, some force, is trying to set the world on fire.

I found this in the comment section on Reddit, a news aggregate site, concerning an article in which former Star Trek star George Takei, now a gay activist, claims "Trump is an American terrorist and must resign now."

I know, pretty over the cliff all on it's own, right. But you ain't read nothing yet.

Here we go:

He can't even say radical right-wing extremism!

Look, as a white person I've got to say that it's time to end this culture of violence in the white community. You've got singers like Johnny Cash, who 'shot a man just to watch him die,' and Ted Nugent, who threatened to kill President Obama with a semi-automatic rifle and encouraged Secretary Clinton to 'ride' his shotgun. This is a culture that glorifies violence, even the President is in on it, talking about how he'd like to punch a protester, and kill innocent civilians overseas.

Why can't Don the Con say radical right-wing extremism?

Maybe because he's a radical right-wing extremist himself.

We haven't seen his tax returns, we don't know that he isn't funding people like Dylann Roof or Alexandre Bissonnette! Who is paying these people to kill african Americans and Muslims? We all know that George Soros personally paid all 2.9 million protesters who came out in the Women's march, it's a proven alternative fact, so it's not that much of a stretch to assume that Donald "I'm a billionaire" Trump is funding these radicalized right-wing extremists! For all we know he's been funding them for years!

Where did Timothy McVeigh get the money to buy all that fertilizer when he blew up the Oklahoma City Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building?

The Bundys can't even afford to pay their back taxes for grazing on federal land, but you expect me to believe they can afford a dozen semi-automatic rifles?

Robert Lewis Dear is another strange outlier: He didn't have the money to outfit his cabin with electricity or running water, but somehow he had the money to pay for the gun he used to kill three people, and injure nine more, at a Colorado Springs abortion clinic!

Where are these people getting the money to do this?

Donald Trump.

He could clear all this up by just releasing his tax returns, but he won't. Why won't he? What is he hiding? Is he hiding the fact that he's the chief planner and fundraiser for violent radical right-wing extremists? We don't know!

Until we deal with this culture of violence in the right-wing community and stop Donald "Take out their families" Trump from funding radicalized whites, we'll continue to have violence like we saw over the weekend. Donald Trump literally created the Nazis, it's true folks, he's, like, their MVP.

At first I thought this was sarcasm. But as I kept reading I started getting concerned this nut was serious. Then I started reading between the lines and wondering why someone would even write something like this. Talk about throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks?

You have to wonder if this type of rhetoric is being posted throughout social media and news sites as part of an overall planned operation to fan the flames of dissent - or even to create dissent when there is none.


27 January 17

As it turned out DisruptJ20 was not able to cause mass protests in Washington during Trump's Inauguration, but they did burn cars, block entrances, and harass people who wanted to attend the events.

It seems we may have broken Earthlink's web statistics utility and as of January 1st it's no longer available. That means I can no longer track how much bandwidth we use and will not know when we're close to being shut down until they send me a last minute email.

It also means that until I find another way I can't track how many visitors we have. Last count was December at more than 8,500.

There have been several things going on in Conecuh County lately - including the Commission's support for a state-wide 3 cent gas and diesel tax - the proceeds of which are supposed to be used for road and bridges. You can read more about that on our Local News Page and fill out a report on the condition of your local road.

There's also been some activity with our local Board of Education. It seems Hillcrest High School has been classified by the state as a "Failing School." Not good news. Our other schools are also in bad shape concerning Reading and Math scores.

There has also been a running battle between Ms. Sherry Atkins and the Board of Education. Ms. Atkins (and others) has been protesting off and on for several weeks outside the BOE while carrying picket signs. A recent dust-up at a Board of Education meeting resulted in police officers from the Evergreen Police Department being called to the scene. Ms. Atkins was not taken into custody following the incident - that wasn't much more than talking out of turn during the meeting.

The dispute boils down to a "he said - she said" situation that has been covered fairly well recently in the Evergreen Courant and, at this time, I have nothing to add to Lee Peacock's coverage of the situation.


10 January 2017

E-911 (And The Lake Committee) Are Dysfunctional Dinosaurs

Ok, we're three months and, relatively speaking, six “official” meetings into the term of the newly elected County Commission and it may be about time for it to face an important decision that affects our county as a whole.

That problem: E-911 and the operation thereof.

Although the County Commission and E-911 are technically two separate entities, the members of the Commission also constitute the Board of Directors for our E-911 system.

For some reason the operation of our E-911 system has been chaos from the beginning. What started out as “everything under one roof” turned into a disjointed mess where our emergency services all do their own thing.

For reasons no one seems to want to explain the operation of the E-911 system turned into turf wars and power plays that resulted in the abandoning of the E-911 system by the Evergreen Police Department, the Castleberry Police Department, and the Conecuh County Sheriff's Department.

The only operations dispatched through our E-911 Operations Center are the Volunteer Fire Departments, the Repton Police Department, and our ambulance service, Conecuh EMS.

By not participating, these law enforcement agencies are not paying what can best be described as a “user fee,” for the service, and the E-911 Operations Center is going broke.

Actually the E-911 Operations Center is financially broke - and functionally broken. It has been for a long time.

During last Monday's E-911 Board meeting it was disclosed the E-911 Operations Center is losing between $10,000 and $13,000 every month!

For December, the Center reportedly brought in $22,169.00 in revenue, and spent $34,915.00.

According to the Board (Commission), someone from the state is soon to arrive with what may be a solution in the form of a new consolidated E-911 system, but will require the participation of the agencies that have already abandoned E-911.

Based on past performance, chances of that happening seem slim to none.

So, to address the elephant in the room, isn't it in the best interests of the people of Conecuh County to abandon the concept of having a “stand-alone” E-911 Operations Center and disband it altogether?

Or in our infinite wisdom, will we keep paying for something that's hemorrhaging money, and something our law enforcement refuses to use?

E-911 operations should be moved under the umbrella of the Conecuh County Sheriff's Department and the “Center” should be located there. Once that's been done, how about a concentrated search among the many volunteer fire departments for members who are already somewhat familiar with 911 dispatching, and who would like to work part-time shifts, get paid, and possibly find a way for them to earn certifications for their service while doing so?

The point is, find a way to make it work.

Until all emergency services are locked in to one dispatch center for 911 calls, dispatching will remain chaotic and subject to misdirected or dropped calls.

The result; people die and houses burn.

It's time to put the politics aside and do what's best for the people of this county. It's time for our newly elected Commission to make a tough decision. The last Commission would not - and now most of them are gone. What's this one going to do?


9 January 17

Happy New Year!

This issue is all about Trump - and trepidation.

We're seeing something "different" in this political cycle unlike anything in history. Yes, people have been dissatisfied every election, but the venom, lack of civility and outright defiance by the political Left since the election is unprecedented.

In this issue is a map that shows how counties across the United States voted in the November election and is a clear demonstration on why the Electoral College is in place. Our Founding Fathers created a masterpiece in our Constitution.

In this case the few (although a majority of those who voted in the election) were not able to out vote the majority of the people across the United States. The Electoral College worked as it was designed.

Will Trump do well? I hope so. He is the president of the United States.

But if the far Left, supported by our national media, continues to attack the legitimacy of Trump, they will also be undermining our nation's political process. And without that fundamental block in our Foundation, our nation will not survive.

Like it or not, Trump is an Independent. And he's a conservative. He's not a Republican although he ran on the Republican Ticket. Sanders is a Socialist - although he ran on the Democratic Ticket.

The majority of the people in this country were fed up with Establishment Politicians, whether they were Republicans or Democrats.

The people chose neither a Democrat, nor a Republican, nor a Socialist for president.

The result is just what Bernie Sanders called for - a Political Revolution.

The people chose an Independent - and the Establishment and it's infrastructure are in Panic Mode.


2 January 17

We seem to have become quite popular. THANK YOU! We did run out of bandwidth. Maybe because Earthlink lost our website for half a day last month they decided to let us slide for a few extra megabytes and kept our website active.

There's no doubt our popularity upsets the apple cart with a few politicians and economic folks around here who like to "control the message" with their own propaganda and refuse to accept that this newspaper and this website have become a window into Conecuh County allowing the outside world to actually see what goes on around here. The more we grow - the more they hate it.

Kind of like how Trump tweets, and mainstream media can't stand it because our President bypasses them, goes directly to the people, and the media learns they aren't as important as they were yesterday.

Funny how things work out.


28 December 16

Andrews Gets Press Coverage He Deserves

We're about to run out of bandwidth and probably won't make it through the month, so I haven't been posting. But I just read Leon Windham's write-up on yesterday's Commission meeting where he mentions me and I believe some clarification is in order.

The discussion at the meeting concerned the placement of a plaque at the Storm Shelter being built in Evergreen on Wild Avenue at the junction of Rural Street, you know, where the big sink hole was that the county filled up? Yeah, over that sink hole. Anyway, this is one of those "Love Me" plaques on public buildings with the names of the elected officials who were in office when the building was constructed.

So the Commission was discussing the names and came to the conclusion that the members of the previous Commission should be included, that would be Ras McCreary, David Cook, and Rodney Hildreth.

Then Johnny Andrews, probably as a political favor to his political buddies, suggested the Evergreen City Council should also be included on the plaque. Again the dilemma concerning past and present members arose. It was decided to include them all.

So the Commission set up a date to have their (publicity) picture taken on-site - with shovels in hand.

Andrews then made the comment that he could use some "positive publicity" because he hasn't had any lately.

It was at that point I made the spontaneous (out loud, oops!) observation, "You get what you deserve."

I didn't know Windham heard the comment - or that he would include it in his article. (Maybe I should check the Commission's tape recording and see if it's there!)

When it comes to reporting on public meetings, elected officials, or news in general, whether the coverage is positive or negative depends upon the actions of those involved, so the statement certainly applies across the board. However, my observation in this instance concerned Johnny Andrews and not the Commission as a whole.

Now, as for the City Council being included, you have to remember it was Mayor Pete Wolff and the City Council who originally applied for the grant to build the storm shelter, however, after the grant was approved, the City declined to participate and rejected the project.

The Conecuh County Commission then picked up the project and gets credit (or blame) for the construction of the Storm Shelter for the people of Evergreen, and it's being paid for by the taxpayers of Conecuh County.

In my opinion, no one's name should go on the plaque. It should simply read, "This building is dedicated to the continued wellbeing of the People of Evergreen and the Citizens of Conecuh County."

But that's just me.


23 December 16

WOW! What was that? Earthlink lost our website for about 12 hours. That's a first.

A word of warning though, we are low on bandwidth and may not make it through December. Our number of visitors continues to grow. Should the site go down due to excess traffic, it'll pop up again January 1st.


20 December 16

Turned off like a water tap. The media hysteria claiming Trump is a Russian stooge just went POOF! What's up with that? It was a national crisis! Where'd it go?

Classic example of mainstream media's fake news pushing a government agenda. They've been feeding it to us for years.

What happened to the Zika virus? It was panic city! Nobody get pregnant! Except all the cases were brought into the United States, they didn't originate here... BUT THEY COULD! So the CDC needs $1 Billion to fight the virus. (That's not a joke.)

Congress finally gave the CDC their $1 billion and the Zika virus, mysteriously, wasn't a problem anymore.

So why the Trump/Russia hysteria? The Leftist Globalists aren't about to give up - this is war - whether you recognize it as such or not. This is a propaganda war between the Far Left and moderate/conservative America for the minds of our citizens and the prize is the United States of America. And up until Trump, the Globalists have been winning.

It was another button to push. Another False Flag. It was designed to encourage the Faithful (with false hope) there was another way to stop Trump from becoming President, the Electoral College. The Globalists knew it wouldn't work before they launched the effort. The voters of the Electoral College wouldn't turn - and even if they did - it would have fallen to the House of Representatives who would then elect Trump.

So why the big push by mainstream media, and even Obama himself, to paint Trump as a Russian stooge? Claiming Trump's election illegitimate kept the Faithful fired up to protest and barrage members of the Electoral College with letters, phone calls, and emails (and videos like below). And when the planned failure of the scheme took place, they knew they would have a base that #1: actually believes Trump is a Russian plant, #2: can't understand why half the nation doesn't see it, and #3: they're devastated (and literally scared) they can't stop it.

So why do it? It's psychological warfare. It's all about the hysteria - building hope - then yanking it away. Using this cycle, the Globalists keep their Faithful in a heightened state of anxiety - afraid and angry. Under control and primed for the next False Flag.

Which I predict will be the confirmation hearings for Trump's Cabinet. Get ready for a bunch of garbage about Jeff Sessions being a racists. It's coming. That is their narrative and fallback when they have no other mud to throw.

Our national media is as much a propaganda tool for the Leftists in our government as Pravda is for the Communists.

Case in point: Americans who voted against Trump are feeling unprecedented dread and despair


19 December 16

Andrews Lying Again? Windham Says He Has "Bastard" On Tape.

Johnny "Hollywood" Andrews caught red-handed lying again? In case you haven't noticed, Johnny's making that a habit lately.

James "The Motor Grader" Windham says he has the proof.

And it's on the County Commission's own recording. Read it here.


17 December 16

Political Coup To Overthrow Trump

Trump In Mobile Saturday


Our national politics are in a very strange place right now. While Trump is in Mobile today, forces are at work to disrupt our form of government and perform a political coup to keep him out of office. Once you see the overall picture here, this is a very dangerous time for our country.

The push is on by the Socialist Fascists (I mean, that's what they are) to pressure the Electoral College into ignoring the vote of the people, and to de-legitimize the presidency of Donald Trump - and it's psychological warfare at it's finest.

We have mainstream media pounding every drum claiming Vladimir Putin personally influenced the election in favor of Trump, and cite "unnamed sources" within the intelligence community who claim "reasonable certainty" Russia hacked the DNC and gave the emails to Wikileaks. (This is called fake news)

Then there are actual videos of, and direct quotes in newspaper articles by, Secretary of State John Kerry and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper saying they don't know who hacked the DNC. (This is called real information)

We even have President Obama claiming Vladimir and the Russians were behind the hack and (hint, hint) Trump doesn't deserve to go into office because the race wasn't fair.

But no one wants to step up and provide proof. Because the Russians didn't do it. A Democrat insider did and they found him dead on a D.C. sidewalk at 3 a.m., "the victim of a robbery," except nothing was stolen.

So who and what can we believe? Not being able to tell is part of their plan.

This is all high drama for the Socialist Global Elite who infiltrated both political parties to remain in power here in the United States and they're doing everything possible to keep Trump from becoming president.

They rigged the Primary for Hillary. They paid the media for Hillary. They indoctrinated generations of college students to the Socialist agenda and primed them to vote with the Socialist herd. They paid Hollywood, the music industry, the pollsters. They incited discontent, protests and riots. They paid 3rd Party candidates to protest the election and paid for re-counts - and they've used psychological warfare to make it all happen.

Here are three prime examples all from the same source, a Leftist group called the Hamilton Electors and their production arm Unite For America. Even the name is doublespeak. It promotes anything but being united and targets the Republican members of the Electoral College to basically commit treason.

These videos were voted "thumbs down" by such a wide margin, Unite For America disabled them - and the comments.

The first video is designed to hit us with a barrage of celebrity, to both impress us - and imply the sense "there are many people who feel this way." And that if you'll vote anyone but Trump, they'll be proud of you.


Bet you won't watch any more of their movies... now, to video two. In this psychological lesson we get the personal touch, the warm and fuzzy attack, aka the good cop approach.


Are you starting to get the picture? It's all designed to pull or sway emotionally. It's psychological warfare. Plain and simple. See it for what it is - and this group of Globalists is doing all it can to remain in power by using Hollywood - and mainstream media - to produce it's propaganda.

Now, for the ultimate Red Flag insult: The Fear Approach playing on religion to reinforce the message. We all know how this group has attacked Christianity over the past eight years; fed money to groups and organizations that have done all they can to remove prayer and mention of God from every aspect of society. They ridicule Christians with a broad brush as "stupid, gun-toting white male racists" who are the cause of every social ill in America. They never take into account that most black folk in America are Christian. Why is that? When they go after Christians, doesn't that include the black folk? Or is it just white Christians they don't like? I had to ask the question.

This is how they use Identity Politics - and it's technique.

Have you noticed yet they all "look" conservative, there are no gays, no Hispanics, and only one black woman who presents very conservative and mature? They didn't use Whoopi Goldberg or Boy George - for a reason. And notice how they toss out the name Alexander Hamilton as a key word relating to the popular (in liberal circles) Broadway play, Hamilton. That's a "tell," a hook to tie you emotionally to something popular and important.

It's technique.

Now these people are so desperate - and think we're so stupid - that they even resorted to trotting out the "scared Christian" white female who's afraid of Russia and tries to plant the idea that Trump is a Russian stooge.

Now they "use" Christianity to push their agenda. It's fake - and I find this disturbing in many ways.


So we have the "Celebrity group think," the "let down your guard, I'm the guy next door" and the "scared white Christian female who needs protection." All designed specifically to sway your emotions and thoughts towards one common conclusion - Trump is illegitimate, unqualified, a Russia stooge, and a threat to Humanity.

This Power Elite is willing to do anything to disrupt our system of government, to side-step our Constitution, and in many cases use our Constitution against us, to remain in power. We are living through dangerous times and are under attack from within our own country.

The Electoral College was put in place to keep people like crooked Hillary and Socialist Bernie Sanders out of office - not Donald Trump. It was designed to keep densely populated pockets of voters from outvoting the rest of the United States. In this case, it worked flawlessly.

This is a Republic - not a Democracy based on popular vote. Our schools no longer teach the difference.



12 December 16


         Johnny "Hollywood" Andrews                      James "The Motor Grader" Windham


The Commission Battle Royale

Welcome! Welcome One And All to the every second Monday Commission Battle Royale!

In this corner, wearing his signature Carhartt shirts, from District 3 in Lenox, Alabama, and one motor grader short is... Johnny “HOOOOLLYWOOOOOD” Andrews!

And in this corner, from Mt. Union, Alabama, weighing a few extra pounds as he gears up to play Santa for Christmas, and wearing his “Gone But Not Forgotten” T-shirt, is James “THE MOTOR GRADER” Windham!

Today's referee for this bout... Chairman Leonard “Punch” Millender.

As we open with Round 3, everything seems calm. There's a murmur among the crowd. Everyone knows Windham is wearing the psychologically disturbing 1st Amendment T-shirt that helped set Andrews off during Round 2.

While there's a lull in the action here at the Conecuh Government Center, a recap of the action so far... this spat began with Round 1 a month ago during the newly elected County Commission's first meeting. Why Andrews got re-elected has many residents across Conecuh County scratching their heads, but there he was, sitting in his usual seat when the new Board voted to save the county's taxpayers some money by selling one of Andrews' two motor graders. Being the only District in the county with two motor graders, it's $200,000.00+ purchase was a point of contention among the Commission from the beginning.

During Round 1, as the Board voted to sell the motor grader, James Leon Windham, who reports on local Public Meetings for his blogspot Conecuh County News & Views, began to chuckle loudly.

According to several witnesses, Andrews reportedly said in a low voice, “laugh you bastard.”

The incident would eventually be reported on Windham's blogspot and in the Evergreen Courant - with a warning to readers regarding “adult” language.

Then, two weeks ago, during Round 2, Windham made his way onto the Commission's Agenda to request an apology, and wore a T-shirt to the meeting emblazoned with a motor grader and the words, “Gone But Not Forgotten... R.I. P.”

As Windham spoke before the Commission, Andrews began waving his arms about and loudly proclaimed that he was “offended” by Windham's T-shirt, then whipped out his cell phone and took photographs of the displeasing garment.

As Windham requested the apology on behalf of the women and children who had been in attendance that day to see their husbands and fathers conduct their first meeting as Public Officials, Andrews denied he had ever spoken the word, and demanded Windham provide proof he uttered the profanity.

This denial - and the demanding of proof - caught Windham, and the audience, by surprise.

Windham ended Round 2 vowing to return.

Now... back to today's action.

From our vantage point, we can see Andrews sitting at his usual place to the far right, behind the Commission's large desk. He occasionally glances over at Windham - sitting in the second row of the audience – and smiles menacingly. Windham keeps his head low, taking copious notes as the meeting unfolds.

First – the approval of claims. Then the Engineer's Report, the Administrator's Report, and the Attorney's Report... then – the Chairman called for Commissioner's Comments and Announcements.


With grand gesture and bright red face, Andrews pounced - calling out in a battle cry for all to hear, “Bring it on, Mr. Windham!”

At that point Windham rose abruptly from his chair - yet calmly stated he had chosen to forgo pursuing the matter any further, that he had already brought the issue before the Commission, confronted Andrews, that he knew he had used profanity during an Open Meeting, and that “he wasn't man enough to apologize” for it.

Andrews then held The Sacred Instrument Of Truth (the Commission's voice recorder) high into the air and, grinning sarcastically, proclaimed, “It's not there!”

He then boldly claimed it was all a lie (something he knows a lot about) and, looking directly at Lee Peacock of the Evergreen Courant, lowered his brow menacingly and said (gasp) that it had even been reported in the newspaper!

At that point, Peacock, now unwittingly drawn into the fray, defended his journalistic integrity saying he had witnessed the outburst of profanity by Andrews first hand, and that he was willing to take a lie detector test to prove it.

The battle rolled back and forth - each seeking advantage - then again pivoted towards a discussion concerning Windham's 1st Amendment right to wear the “offending” T-shirt, which was obviously violating Andrews' Safe Space, when Referee Leonard “Punch” Millender called an end to Round 3.

All participants then returned to their respective corners and prepared for the close of the meeting.

Stay tuned to this website for more episodes of the ongoing drama of the Commission Battle Royale, this time featuring Johnny “HOLLYWOOD” Andrews, James “THE MOTOR GRADER” Windham, and (probably) other participants yet to be named.

(This program brought to you by the taxpayers of Conecuh County and the voters of District 3)


10 December 16

Hollywood's Killing Television

Would the people in Hollywood please just shut up about the politics?! They have just about ruined every movie and television show with their Socialist agenda to the point all we watch in our home are the Retro channels. Now these idiots are killing Star Wars.

‘Star Wars’ Writers’ Anti-Trump Rants May Hurt ‘Rogue One’ at the Box Office

‘Star Wars’ Actress Daisy Ridley Quits Instagram After Political Backlash on Gun Violence Post

Disney's liberal agenda and Socialist social engineering have just about killed ESPN. And it started with them dumping Hank, Jr. People tune in to sports to watch sports - not be lectured on feminism and LGBQT(XYZ) social issues. It's about FOOTBALL, BASEBALL, and BASKETBALL. And who wants to watch soccer? That's a European/South American sport. Broadcast it in Europe or South America - not South Alabama.

Losing Millions Of Subscribers, ESPN Now Facing Tough Decisions

The Disney corporation has turned into a monster. I bet Walt is rolling in his grave.


2 December 16

Traffic Overload

Just to fill you in on the status of the website, you may have noticed the site didn't crash the end of November. For the past couple months, traffic to this website almost tripled. I'll gladly acknowledge that increase to the Andrews/Hovind confrontation, although I'm sure Hovind didn't cause the encounter to benefit me or this website. Maybe the increase is my reward for being victim to a couple of knuckleheads. Suffering through the BS has not been a picnic.

Anyway, the sudden increase in traffic sucked up our allotted bandwidth for the month and we got shut down the end of October until it renewed the first of November. We went from 3,000 visitors in July, to 4,700 in September, to 6,500 in October, to 7,600 in November. (It'd be cool to hit 9,000 in January. Tell your friends about us!)

That's a heck of a jump and we greatly appreciate all the new visitors. Welcome to Conecuh County, home of the often strange and usually weird. And I tend to write about it.

I have no way of tracking who comes here, only how many and a few other minor details. But I know a lot more local folks, and people from across the United States, have been dropping in to see what's going on, because I've heard from some of you.

Now, before Hovind takes a bunch of credit (like he's known to do) for increasing our web traffic, I feel obliged to point out that many people coming here may be Hovind followers, but they don't seem to be Hovind fans. These folks appear to follow this guy like following a drunk on the highway waiting for the crash.

I'm not trying to stir this controversy any further. Frankly I hope I'm done with Hovind - unless something happens that's actually newsworthy. But I also don't shy away from subjects or events that affect my life. Long-time readers know I often write about personal encounters in Life and business, because I figure that if it happens to me, surly it can happen to you too. So I often write about those experiences to give others a heads-up, or to let them know they aren't alone if something similar has happened to them, or to give them examples of what NOT to do.

So to the thousands of new people checking out our website, thanks for coming to see our little corner of the world. Conecuh County is unique in many ways. For such a middle-of-nowhere place, we seem to draw unusual events that sometimes garner state and national attention. That kind of stuff has been happening here since long before Hovind ever arrived. Stick with us for a while and you're liable to see some of it yourself.

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1 December 16

I'm hearing stories about stolen Christmas trees and downed power lines. What's up with that? LOL!

Maybe the tree was making a break for home...


22 November 16


                                   Clinton's America                                                                          Trump's America

The Two Americas of 2016


20 November 16

The Socialist misfits in Hollywood wonder why America is turning against them and not going to their movies or watching their television shows - and they can't figure it out? I had read about this video and finally looked it up. It's disgusting, foul-mouthed garbage not suitable for adults - but available for our children to watch. These are the caliber of people who supported Hillary Clinton and the Socialist cause of Identity Politics and Political Correctness.

This is our future in America? I pray to God it's not!

Boycott every one of these people, their movies, their television shows, their studios and their sponsors.

I can't believe people think this is acceptable! Big Bang Theory just lost my household.


And boycott the Super Bowl (at least halftime) for selecting
Lady Gaga (anti-American protester) as the Halftime performer.


Lady Gaga Protests Donald Trump Outside of Trump Tower



James Leon Windham wore this T-shirt to a recent County Commission meeting to commemorate the loss of District 3 Commissioner Johnny Andrews' second motor grader. Now each Commission District has one motor grader apiece.

The shirt, and Windham's appearance before the Commission, brought some heated words between Andrews and Windham, but only for a short time. Commission Chairman Leonard Millender did a good job of playing referee.

Watch for the Commission articles on Windham's Blogspot, Conecuh County News & Views, and in the Evergreen Courant.


16 November 16

Andrews - "Bastard"

My crew here at the house have come down sick with this sinus/respiratory crud that's going around, and in spite of my best efforts it's now gotten me too, so I was unable to attend today's first meeting of the newly elected County Commission. From what I'm hearing from multiple sources, I missed a doozy that saw Johnny "Hollywood" Andrews storm out of the Courthouse after the meeting and fail to return for the scheduled E-911 meeting or the Commission's afternoon Work Session.

These same sources also claim they heard "Hollywood" call James Leon Windham, "a bastard," during the open meeting, and one claims to have overheard him "verbally abuse" two of the newly elected Commissioners!

This is one I can't wait to read about in the Evergreen Courant - and as soon as James posts his article to his blogspot Conecuh News & Views I'll link you to it.

These next four years are going to be interesting! Maybe next time I show up at a Commission meeting I'll bring the popcorn.

James posted his commission article here.


11 October 16

Andrews On Cooperative District Board

Speaking of Johnny Andrews, he likes to brag about how many committees he's a part of, such as the quasi-government - for profit (with your money) Evergreen Conecuh Capital Investment Cooperative District along Exit 96 in Evergreen, (who's books appear to be closed to the public). This "District" is the location of several new fast-food restaurants and a grocery store, who have to pay the "District" a fee to even be there. That "fee" is 2 cents on the dollar for every sale they make - but YOU PAY as an extra 2 cent TAX on every purchase you make. Check your receipt next time you buy a hamburger - the TAX is 2 cent HIGHER within the "District" than anywhere else in Evergreen.

Now this "District" is floating another $4 MILLION bond issue for even more of our money. If you'll notice the Legal Announcement in the Evergreen Courant concerning this bond issue, the "District" is SUING THE PEOPLE OF EVERGREEN AND CONECUH COUNTY in order to get this money. Doesn't that make this $4 million OUR money? They are suing us for it aren't they?

A hearing, (YOUR COURT DATE) where you are being sued is scheduled for October 25 at 10 a.m. in the Courthouse. Maybe you should be there - I was last time this happened. I was the only "citizen" in the courtroom. A word of caution though, that courtroom may be difficult to find. If you show up, you'll probably have to ask where it is....

During Monday's Commission meeting I asked Commissioner Andrews why the people of this county are being sued?

His Homer Simpson answer was: "D'oh! I don't know! But I noticed that!"

The people of this county had better wake up and start paying attention to what's going on. And perhaps start paying more attention to every Committee and every Board Johnny Andrews sits on. If this is an example - who knows what they may be up to.


9 October 16

Now this is funny! James Leon Windham ends a supposed rumor concerning Johnny Andrews.


#8 was mine.


26 September 16

District 3 Commissioner Johnny Andrews at "Dr Dino's" Compound In Lenox
(Photo Courtesy Johnny Andrews/Kent Hovind)

Commission Lets Andrews Slide

It's been two weeks since the last Commission meeting when I presented the Board with a request for documentation supporting District 3 Commissioner Johnny Andrews' claim in a Youtube video with Mr. Kent Hovind that this newspaper supported the proposed landfill outside Repton, or provide me with an apology in local media commensurate with the number of people who have viewed the video; some 23,000+ at last count.

In the video, in an apparent effort to help rally the crowd and Hovind's followers against this newspaper, Andrews states that this newspaper endorsed a proposed landfill outside the town of Repton. He states that at that time he was Chairman of Citizens For A Clean Southwest Alabama (CCSA), who was against the landfill, and because of "my support for the landfill," we have been in a running feud since that time, that I have "targeted" him for bad publicity - and therefore "targeted" Hovind with an article I wrote last July in retaliation against Andrews, who takes credit for bringing Hovind to Conecuh County.

Talk about Conspiracy Theories...

I did not support the landfill. Up until now, there was no, “feud.” (Not necessarily the case now.)

I did not target Kent Hovind – he shoots his own-self in the foot often enough and doesn't need much help from me.

In fact, I exposed the Solid Waste Advisory Committee, the group in charge of making the recommendation to the Conecuh County Commission concerning the landfill, for holding secret meetings in violation of Alabama's Sunshine Law.

My actions forced the Committee to open their meetings to the public, and helped give CCSA grounds to file suit to stop the landfill.

In Commissioner Andrews' role as Chairman of CCSA, you would expect him to be fully aware of this fact, yet he chose to tell a fabrication in what seems an apparent attempt to cause me and my newspaper harm.

Commissioner Andrews made these statements in his official capacity as a Duly sworn Agent of Conecuh County, and representing himself as a member of the Conecuh County Board of Commissioners, not as John Q. Public.

That places the Conecuh County Commission itself as the obvious place where, "the buck stops here" in relation to Commissioner Andrews' actions and the statements he made in the video.

I requested proof of Andrews' claim – or an apology from the Conecuh County Commission.

As I fully expected, at today's Commission meeting, I got neither.

Instead I received yet another performance, this time the Sgt. Schultz routine off Hogan's Heroes.

When I asked if the Commission was going to take any action concerning my letter of request, all five Commissioners literally acted as if they didn't know what I was talking about.

“I know nothing!” “I saw nothing!” “What letter?”

After the Commissioners mumbled amongst themselves for a minute or so, I finally received an, “I guess not,” from the Chairman.

How did I know the Commission would take no action?

Number 1, there is no proof this newspaper endorsed the landfill project because it doesn't exist.

Number 2, if you know anything about politicians in Conecuh County, you know they all stick together – no matter what.

And it's not just the Commission. We've seen how the Good Ol' Boy system works around here. Many of our politicians are intertwined on various Boards and Committees, and their “business interests” are often... co-mingled. It's not difficult to see who's a member of the club.

And rather than bring an end to a situation with a simple solution: “Commissioner Andrews was wrong and we apologize,” our politicians have to cover things up, give their tacit approval to wrongdoing by ignoring that it ever happened, and potentially place the taxpayers of this county on the hook.

This Commission already gave away $175,000 of your tax dollars. It's like they don't care. It's not their money.

Thank you, District 3 Commissioner Johnny Andrews, for finally creating a set of circumstances where the hypocrisy of our leadership has become painfully obvious, and you made it available for everyone to see.

And not just here in Conecuh County. People from around the country are watching how all this unfolds. Again, thanks to Commissioner Andrews and Kent Hovind's video.

November can't get here soon enough.


12 September 16

Commission Letter Of Request

Today I presented the Conecuh County Commission with this letter after reading it aloud in today's Open Meeting.

It's just short of a Demand Letter. Their next meeting is in two weeks. We'll see what happens then.

I also provided the letter to two other local media outlets who were at the meeting, Lee Peacock of the Evergreen Courant, and James Leon Windham who operates http://www.conecuhcountynewsandviews.com.


Monday, September 12, 2016


On August 24, 2016 in his official capacity as a Duly sworn Agent of Conecuh County, and representing himself as a member of this Board, Commissioner Johnny Andrews participated in a Youtube video with Mr. Kent Hovind at his compound in Lenox, Alabama.

The video was a direct attempt by Commissioner Andrews and Mr. Hovind to damage my good name, question my character, and damage the credibility of my newspaper.

Commissioner Andrews began this video by stating that myself and my newspaper, The Monthly View, had publicly endorsed the former landfill project outside the town of Repton.

My request is a simple one: since Commissioner Andrews was acting as a Representative of this County and this Board when he participated in this video, I would like the Commission to please provide me with documentation that myself and my newspaper publicly endorsed the landfill as Commissioner Andrews claimed.

If no such documentation can be produced, a Public Apology in local media, commensurate with the number of people who have viewed the video, would be appropriate.

Thank you

Jim Allen
The Monthly View Newspaper


For More Johnny Andrews, Click Here


12 August 16

I wrote my first article concerning the Lake Project in 1989 for the Mobile Press Register. At that time it had been "in the works" for more than a decade. Here we are - almost 30 years later - and it's still "in the works."

The current state of the "effort" to secure a lake for Conecuh County is a disgrace.

The entire Lake Committee should be fired - and IF the project is salvageable following this group's dismal failure - a new Committee appointed.

THIS IS THE COUNTY COMMISSION'S RESPONSIBILITY - yet it acts as impotent as the Lake Authority to move the project forward.

James Leon Windham has a good article on his Blog spot Conecuh County News And Views concerning the latest update on the Lake Committee. I'd suggest you go read it.



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