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During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

George Orwell


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10 January 2018

City Council Meeting Gets Sporty

It seems the Evergreen City Council meeting got a bit testy Tuesday night and some of the Council members are questioning Mayor Pete Wolff's... objectivity? Yeah, that's it..

Here's an excerpt from James Leon Windham's coverage of the meeting.

Old Business:

A discussion dealing with the “agreement” between the Conecuh County Commission and the City dealing with appointment of a 7th member to the Cooperative District Board was the only topic under the heading of old business.

The city had nominated and elected Mr. Tim Dantz to be the 7th member of the Board of Directors however; when this nomination/election was sent to the county for approval no action had been taken.

Various speculations were discussed as to why the county had not approved this nomination with nothing firm being determined. Attorney Hartley stated that everything had been done in accordance with the current member’s desires.

Council person Fountain suggested the council and commission meet together and see if any differences can be worked out. Mayor Wolff stated he would see the commission and determine what route should be taken.

Evidently there were some raw feelings at the meeting as this statement seemed to gear things up. Statements were made that Mayor Wolff’s suggestion was not palatable to others. It was indicated that some were in belief that the “true” story may not come back to the council.

For more information, also see the Un-Cooperative District.


5 January 2018

An Historic Time In Our Nation's History

Yes, this is another of “those issues” in our newspaper. Because what I’m trying to tell you is important. And this much I want you to understand, conservative or liberal, just how in peril the future of our country has become. And don’t think about yourself, think of your children’s future and where this country is headed.

Our government in Washington is at a crossroads.

One side claims our President (and Jeff Sessions) has committed treason against this country by working with a foreign government to corrupt our national election in order to take power.

The other side claims our former President and his Cabinet committed treason by using our nation’s Intelligence agencies to commit a number of illegal acts to include providing false information to a Federal court to obtain surveillance warrants and actively work against a political opponent.

One of them is true.

Either of these actions are treason against the United States of America and amount to an overthrow of our Constitutional government by an evil force.

It doesn’t get any more serious than that.

On one side are only accusation and finger pointing - on the other are thousands of pages of documentation to include names, dates, and conversations.

You might not like Eric Snowden, but the documents he released showed the vast extent some U.S. agencies spy on every electronic communication we make. You may not like Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, but the emails they release show a vast conspiracy by the Democratic National Committee, the Clinton Campaign, and Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State to subvert our National Election and enrich “select” elites within the Democratic Party.

You might actually like Judicial Watch, who has forced the FBI and others to release documentation concerning all of these events through the Freedom Of Information Act, providing further proof that these acts are indeed taking place.

In this month’s issue I try to put some of the pieces together to show how I believe we got here - and where we may be headed. I would rate my guess at 80% accurate.

Some of you may give it a zero, but to those who do, I challenge you to stop getting your news from Facebook and Mainstream media (broadcast and cable) and actually investigate this on your own. Watch CSPAN instead of PBS. Go to the Judicial Watch website and proceed from there. See it for yourself. The fate of this country hangs in the balance.


29 December 2017

What's Up At The Compound

Several people have recently asked me what's been going on with Kent Hovind, AKA "Dr. Dino," and to be honest, I haven't really been keeping up. On the local level, Hovind went silent following County Commissioner Johnny Andrews' arrest last March on six felony counts of distributing marijuana. Hovind and Andrews are close friends/associates. Fortunately someone in the Hovind sphere generally keeps me informed of any major mishaps in Hovind's World, but nothing so important has happened lately that I felt it needed to be brought before the residents of Conecuh County.

On a casual glance tonight at Hovind's YouTube channel I came across this gem and thought I'd share it just to let you know not much has changed since we last checked in. Hovind continues to pull stunts from his compound and he and his detractors continue their battle on Facebook, various websites, and of course, YouTube.


20 December 2017

Not Enough Votes For Recount

The Alabama Senate race is over. The number of votes from provisional and military ballots is not enough to move the race to the half percentage point margin between Jones and Moore that would trigger a recount.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Alabama Secretary Of State John Merrill

December 20, 2017 - MONTGOMERY - There have been several questions raised about the number of Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) ballots and provisional ballots cast in the December 12 Special Election for the United States Senate.

Those ballots were counted by the individual counties on December 19, 2017 and will be included in the vote totals transmitted to the Secretary of State's Office no later than December 22, 2017 as prescribed by Alabama law.

It is important to note that the total number of ballots transmitted to our UOCAVA voters is 485. The number of UOCAVA ballots returned is 366 at this time.  No additional ballots are eligible to be received.

As of today, the total number of provisional ballots received is 4,967 and 2,888 of those have been verified at this time. No additional ballots are eligible to be received.  

Both UOCAVA ballots and approved provisional ballots will be counted and added to the totals before the counties certification deadline (as established by Alabama law) which is December 22, 2017. These votes are not listed or identified separately. These votes are integrated in the final box by box and county totals.

Secretary Merrill, in following established procedures and according to Alabama state law, will meet with the Alabama State Canvassing Board to certify the results of the Alabama Senate Special Election no sooner than December 26, 2017, and no later than January 3, 2018. 


12 December 2017

Doug Jones Wins Senate Race

It's going to take some time to analyze today's election. Alabama had a chance to set an example and hopefully help stop our nation's slide into Socialism. The race was close, but the power of The Dark Side is still strong. (For all the snowflakes out there, that's a reference to Star Wars and not a reference to race - since your minds always go there.)

Jones shied away from the far Left in his campaign ads, and portrayed himself as a "Moderate" unsatisfied with the actions of either political party. He claimed to want to work with Liberals and Conservatives to move our country forward.

Now the voters of Alabama, and the nation, will have the opportunity to see if he is a man of his word - or a Left wing Socialist disguising himself as a Moderate.

At this time, however, the actual winner of the December 12th race may still be open to question. Absentee ballots and military ballots have yet to be counted. Should the total tally move the race to within a half a percentage point, an automatic vote recount is required by Alabama law.

The vote is in and the media has declared the race for Doug Jones, but in fact the race, at this time, is still too close to call.

James Leon Windham has Conecuh's actual vote count posted on his blog. You can see it here.


5 December 2017

Vote Roy Moore December 12

December 12 is the Senate election between Roy Moore and Doug Jones.

I'll be voting Roy Moore and encourage you to also.

Why Roy Moore? For the exact same reason I voted Trump. If the Republican establishment and the Looney Left can't stand him – then he's just what this country needs at this particular time in our nation's history. A true Independent. An Outsider.

Do I believe all the garbage the Left, the media, and the RINOs have thrown at Moore?

No. I do not.

Just like the “Russian collusion” B.S., there is no proof Moore accosted any women 40 years ago.

Once again, the Left and the media fabricate an accusation – then pretend an accusation is fact. Rather than do their job and investigate an accusation to prove it's true or false, the Left, the media and the RINO's instead pile on more accusations and pretend the accumulated accusations – by their sheer volume – are indeed fact.

"With that many women, it must be true!"

No. They are not facts. They are accusations. And Moore is innocent until proven guilty.

They did this same thing to Bill Cosby and have done their best to ruin an old man who was in fact one of the best entertainers of our time.

They ruined Cosby because he is a black man who portrayed and encouraged a lifestyle for black people that would lift them up in our society through the belief their future depended upon their own actions. They were not victims of an oppressed society and that though hard work, proper education and their own determination they could succeed in life.

For that he was labeled an “Uncle Tom” and targeted in his golden years to be made an example of.

Do I believe Cosby drugged and molested 40 women? No.

Was he a Hollywood philanderer? Probably so. Did he and women who wanted to be with him share drugs and have sex? Probably so.

I believe Cosby's encounters were consensual.

I bring up Cosby because I believe that was a “dry run” for what we're seeing today. They perfected their tactics and indeed are even using some of those same players in their attacks on Trump and on Roy Moore.

Show me proof – and I'll believe it. Don't wait 30 or 40 years to make an accusation then expect me to believe it. Show me a police report. A hospital report. Show me DNA evidence instead of a fake signature in a yearbook.

Monica Lewinsky kept the blue dress. Bill Clinton is a scumbag. She proved it. And she didn't wait 40 years.

Roy Moore has been in Alabama politics for decades. Never a word about allegedly molesting young girls. He was drug over the coals for the 10 Commandments issue – no one came out then. He was blasted over the gay marriage issue – no one came out then. He ran against Luther Strange for the Senate seat – nothing came out then.

But suddenly, four weeks before the actual election, a Democrat, the media, and the RINOs, uncover child molestation allegations “that have been common knowledge in North Alabama for decades?”

The people of Alabama aren't stupid – and we refuse to drink your cool-aid.

Drain The Swamp.

Vote Roy Moore!


4 November 2017

A Privilege To Attend JFK LANCER Annual Convention In Dallas

 A special thanks to Tom Jones and Debra Conway

I was in grade school when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963. I was barely a teenager when I visited his gravesite at Arlington Cemetery in Washington D.C. As an adult, I was very lucky one year to be an invited guest at the JFK LANCER annual convention in Dallas, Tx., where thousands gather each year to investigate the assassination and commemorate a fallen President.

It was then that I got to tour Dealey Plaza, the site of the assassination. The sense of history was palatable - you can actually feel it in the air as you stand outside the School Book Depository, look across the plaza to the “grassy knoll” and to the concrete pedestal where Abraham Zapruder stood when he shot the now famous Zapruder Film of the assassination with his 8mm camera. A few feet away, in the roadway, a big black X marks the spot of the presidential motorcade, the moment Kennedy was shot.

The 6th floor of the School Book Depository has been turned into a museum where visitors can view a history of the shooting along with background on the many people and items associated with the assassination and it’s investigation. The area around the window dubbed, “The Sniper’s Nest” where Oswald is said to have fired the shots is re-created as it was that day in November in 1963.

The convention itself was an adventure. There were lectures for every variety of “enthusiast.” From the casually interested to the hardcore investigator, there was something there for everyone.

My favorite part... hanging out in the hotel bar which had a flavor all it’s own. The bar had been regularly used as a set for the filming of Chuck Norris’ television show, “Walker, Texas Ranger.” It had character.

On the nights I was there, it was filled with a variety of personalities. Some were loud - both in tone and attire. Some were quiet and common in appearance. As an observer, it was an interesting exercise trying to determine which one (or how many of them) was a government spook. I know there were at least two....


25 October 2017

It's Been A While

Life has a habit of getting in the way and suddenly you find yourself sidetracked.

There have been several recent deaths locally that have effected many people's lives in our community. Quite literally, hundreds of people both family and friend have been in a state of mourning over the recent loss of several of our county's local citizens.

On a personal level a couple of family friends recently passed – and we lost a family member who was interned October 21st.

Instead of having our annual Halloween Party this year, we had a funeral.

Particular to me, today marks 31 years since my mother's passing.

We miss them all dearly, and pray for comfort and happier days ahead for the friends and family of all the recently departed.


17 October 17

Moving Things Around

I'm taking the time to rearrange and delete a few pages from the website.

Everything related to Kent Hovind and Johnny Andrews has been moved to the All Things Kent Hovind page.

Everything related to the Cooperative District has been moved to the Cooperative District page.

This should make things easier to find - and perhaps cut down on bandwidth so we can stay online each month.


24 September 2017

NFL Boycott Is Now On
 (I'll stick with Bama and Auburn)

The NFL's insistence on first allowing, and now encouraging, protests during our nation's National Anthem has reached an unprecedented level of stupidity.

These underprivileged multimillionaire protesters have every right to do so - off the football field.

This is not a racial thing - although the Left, ESPN, and our Leftist media are doing all they can to make it so.

It is, however, about showing respect for our country, those who protect it, and those who have died protecting our freedom.

By protesting during the National Anthem, these morons are showing utter disrespect for the gallant men and women who have fought, and died, in order to preserve the very right they have chosen to abuse.

If they want to protest police brutality, as they claim, they have every right to do so in front of a Police Station. Not during our National Anthem at a football game.

I was upset when the League allowed players to protest, but this weekend they crossed the line by now encourage it.

It's sad that I will no longer be able to root for the Falcons or the Saints, where several of our players from Alabama have gone, but I will not watch another National Football League game or any sport in which the players are allowed to protest during our National Anthem.


For those interested in NFL players, check out these websites.

Players who have had run-ins with the law (a bunch of them): NFL Arrests

How much these "protesters" are being paid while ruining football: Overthecap.com



2 July 2017

A New Livestock Arena

Mr. Tim Covin, who seems to be everywhere doing everything, has come before the County Commission to propose the creation of a new facility in Evergreen to hold livestock and equestrian events for 4-H youth and other participants.

Covin says he's obtained a commitment from the Conecuh County Board of Education for a parcel of land near Evergreen Elementary School off U.S. 31 on the south side of Evergreen.

He proposes that branches of local government and interested people work together to build the facility which he estimates would cost about $250,000.

Personally, I've never known much about livestock. I wasn't raised around them and never took much interest. About all I knew was I didn't want to stand downwind. But over the years I've come to understand just how important the raising of cattle, horses, and other livestock is to the culture and history of Conecuh County.

I remember the old stockyard near Sparta Academy, and the horse arena in Lyeffion. Places like that mean much more to “who we are” as a culture and a people than I ever understood in my youth.

We need a new facility such as the one Tim Covin is proposing – and we need it for more reasons than just “some place to generate revenue.” We need it because it represents a basic building block of heritage and tradition that has been passed down from one generation to the next. A heritage and tradition we are on the verge of losing if action isn't taken.

I don't have much, but I'm good for a $25 donation.

A meeting to discuss plans to build this new facility is scheduled for Monday, July 10th at 1 p.m., in the Commission meeting room at the courthouse. Representatives of local government will be there and members of the general public are encouraged to attend.


27 June 2017

Ignorance Is Bliss - Or Is It Just Ignorance?

There are times where what I see going on around me becomes overwhelming - and I just need time to get my... thoughts straight. What's taking place in our world is unprecedented in my lifetime.

If you don't know about something, then you won't be worried about it. But you also won't understand why you got ran over by a Mac truck - if you don't know what a Mac truck is.

What's taking place in our community, our state, or nation, and around the world today is beyond belief. 

Corruption, collusion, greed for power and money, a general lack of civility, seems to have become the norm - and like sheep, we sit around and graze and act as if Rome isn't burning simply because it hasn't landed in our front yard... yet.

Things are so screwed up I can't find a place to start because the more I look, the deeper the Rabbit Hole goes.


24 May 2017

DNC Staffer Story Gone Viral

The story about Seth Rich possibly being the source of the DNC email leaks has gone viral with the media establishment doing all it can to discredit and kill the story. Outlets such as CNN and The Washington Post have gone out of their way to discredit the story calling it a Conspiracy Theory and smear the credibility of anyone associated with it. Even prominent DNC staffers have tried to interfere with any media investigation into the death of Seth Rich.

Solving this case, no matter where it may lead, has become a matter of national security due to it's potential involvement with the leaked DNC emails. We can't trust the politics in Washington - and we can't trust the media to tell us the truth.

But there is one group out there that appears to want answers, and that group is known as Judicial Watch.



16 May 2017

Squirrel!! Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain

In case you haven't noticed, Mainstream Media is again attacking Trump with false accusations and attempting to steer Congress and Public Opinion towards the conclusion he's either incompetent - or a Master Spy for the Russians hell-bent on the destruction of the Universe.

Their hysteria is comical - and purposely happening now to distract the public from two news stories that will devastate their false narrative and their endless vilification of our President.

The Russians Did Not Do It!

The first - and most important - is the Russians did not hack the Democratic National Committee then turn their emails over to WikiLeaks, which is the foundation of their narrative that the Russians are behind everything, including turning the neighbor's pool yellow.

In an article below, on 17 December 2016, I said that it wasn't the Russians that hacked the DNC emails, it was a Democratic operative who had turned them over to WikiLeaks.

His name was Seth Rich, a 27-year old who worked for the DNC. Shortly after turning over 44,000 emails to WikiLeaks he was found dead on a D.C. sidewalk at 4 a.m. - the alleged victim of a botched robbery - since nothing was apparently stolen.

Rich's family is in denial. What parent would want to learn their son was responsible for the "crime of the century" and murdered because of it? The family's "spokesman" is a DNC "crisis management" insider who spends a lot of time on CNN denying Seth Rich was the leak at DNC headquarters, and even suggested the Russians may have killed Seth Rich!

However, according to a FOX news report, a federal investigator claims Rich turned over 44,053 emails and 17,761 attachments to WikiLeaks showing, among other things, the DNC had rigged the Primary Election to favor Hillary Clinton.

If You're A Democrat - Your Vote Doesn't Count!

Now, relating to the rigged Primary, the Democratic National Committee is presently in court being sued for running a rigged Primary - and no, not by Trump or any Conservative group - but on behalf of Bernie supporters.

So, what is the DNC putting up as a defense to the accusation? The Committee can pick who it wants as it's Presidential candidate and is not bound by law to conduct a fair and equal election among the Democratic Party's Primary candidates.

I kid you not! Their defense is they can choose whomever they want - and votes for other candidates don't count!

Neither of these stories are reaching Mainstream Media because they don't want you to know they're lying. They are hiding behind the 1st Amendment in an effort to overthrow the democratic (small D) process and denying the Public proper information relative to what's really going on in America.

Mainstream Media today is not real Journalism. It's Propaganda. It's goal is to overthrow our duly elected government.

UPDATE: This case as originally filed was dismissed by the judge. Efforts are underway to resubmit the complaint.




10 May 2017

History Repeating Itself

I remember the 1960s and early 70s. The ant-war protests by the far-Left. The riots, the radicals, the Weather Underground, Patty Hurst and the SLA. Don't confuse the "hippie" movement with the far-Left. That was actually something much different, but used as camouflage by the radical Socialists. They were Socialists then - they're Socialists now - and still hiding amongst other groups in our world of Identity Politics.

Today they're called Progressives, Antifa (anti-fascists), The Resistance. These are the Socialist groups based  in our larger cities and on college campus who riot to prevent opposing opinions and ideas from being heard. One of the very things that fascists do.

One of the anti-war tactics in the 60s was to camp out in airports and protest in the faces of  returning veterans of Vietnam. The radicals chanted, held signs, spat on our soldiers and called them "baby killers."

Today we have social media and no need for the radicals to take the time to go to airports, when they can spread their cheer on Facebook.



9 March 2017

People Are Watching

I’ve been trying to tell some of the Powers That Be around here that people from outside Conecuh County are watching what’s happening here, but for some reason they choose to ignore me.

Some of those watching are ordinary citizens, others are a bit more difficult to define.

What I thought was an upsurge in visitors to our website due to the brouhaha over the false and unjust attack on this newspaper by Commissioner Johnny Andrews and Kent Hovind, aka Dr. Dino, turned out to be a bit broader than that.

The Feds were watching too.

Turns out Conecuh County was about to be center stage at the confirmation hearings for Sen. Jeff Sessions as Attorney General and everybody in Washington D.C. knew it.

But we didn’t.

Anything online directly connected to Conecuh County was suddenly a hot property, particularly our website which had so many visitors we got knocked offline more than once.


Now all sorts of people in Washington have focused on Conecuh County - and read our articles. I’d never get it verified, but I have reason to believe some folks around here even received “friendly” visits. But they’d never admit it. Or at least not to me.

Makes you wonder what might happen next.


2 March 2017

Conecuh County Center Of Contention
At Sessions AG Confirmation Hearing

Opinion By: Jim Allen

WASHINGTON-Once again Conecuh County takes center stage in the national arena for God and everybody to see, this time at the confirmation hearings for Senator Jeff Sessions as United States Attorney General.

What? You didn't know?

Well one saving grace was the fact that Minnesota's Democratic Senator Al Franken couldn't pronounce Conecuh correctly and kept calling us Cone Kuh. Maybe that's how it slipped by.

People might remember Franken as a second-rate comedian on Saturday Night Live back in the 1990's who couldn't keep up with the talent of folks like John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner, or Garett Morris, so he went into politics and the people of Minnesota were stupid enough to elect him to the Senate by 312 votes.

And now here we are, 22 years later, with Franken beating Sessions over the head with Conecuh County like it's a club, exposing our “racist” heritage and saying Sessions didn't do enough to stop it by claiming he wasn't personally involved in our prosecution.

That's right. As far as Washington D.C. is concerned, Conecuh County is and has been the center of racism in Alabama for some time.

In 2014 Evergreen was the first city in the country to be “bailed in” and remains under sections of the 1965 Voting Rights Act until 2020 because of shenanigans during the 2012 election, and back in 1983, then-U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions along with Attorney General William French Smith, the Acting Assistant Attorney General of the Civil Rights Division, and the Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, filed suit against the all white Conecuh County Commission based on allegations that, “only white poll workers were hired, racial epithets were heard at polling places, comments were heard that turned away black voters, allegations that white voters cast ballots when their names were not on the voter roll, allegations of limitations on the number of black voters who had access to a polling place, allegations of limitations on the amount of time black voters were permitted to spend in the voting booth, and illegal assistance to voters.“

Quite a laundry list.

In fact, this was an historical case. According to reports, the United States v. Conecuh County was the first voter suppression lawsuit ever instituted by the United States Department of Justice.

We are special. What a distinction.

During the confirmation hearing Jeff Sessions was asked to list a series of cases he was personally involved in as a U.S. Attorney that he felt most represented his accomplishments on Civil Rights issues.

At the top of Franken’s list was Cone Kuh County.

Sessions did exactly what top level government prosecutors do in cases like this, his office brought the charges, assistant prosecuting attorneys were assigned the case, and Sessions used the full weight and power of the U.S. Attorney's Office and the Department of Justice to support the prosecution.

So what corn cob was up Franken's butt? His definition of “personally involved” meant Sessions should have been physically inside the courtroom. Which Sessions was not.

Playing to the camera, Franken dramatically accused Sessions of lying about his “personal” involvement, when the way the case was actually presented followed standard procedures that remain true to this day.

If it's not some hairy non-existent beast roaming our woods this week, or a non-existent Young Earth Creationist themed “Dinosaur” park disguised as a gravel pit, it seems we can always depend on Conecuh County to be drug before a national audience in a negative way even if politicians and the media have to go back 35 years to do it.

And notice it's always been our local elected officials who took us there. Somehow I don’t think national media will have to wait 35 years for the next one.


11 February 17

History Repeating Itself

This guy is describing what I said more than two years ago. The Socialist/Communists want to destroy our country from within - at any cost. This is the exact same strategy the U.S. branch of the Revolutionary Communist Party (revcom.us) is promoting.

In watching the news coverage of the riots on college campuses, particularly UC Berkley, something came to mind. In the 60s, Berkley was one of the colleges where the Free Speech Movement started. Do you remember what that "Free Speech" was? Were you even alive to know? It was Free Speech to promote the Socialist agenda on college campuses and rebel against the establishment. In the 60s they protested to establish a Socialist agenda - now in 2017 they are rioting to keep that agenda and promoting violence against anyone who speaks against it.

That's called Fascism - not Free Speech. They ARE what they preach against.


10 January 2017

E-911 (And The Lake Committee) Are Dysfunctional Dinosaurs

Ok, we're three months and, relatively speaking, six “official” meetings into the term of the newly elected County Commission and it may be about time for it to face an important decision that affects our county as a whole.

That problem: E-911 and the operation thereof.

Although the County Commission and E-911 are technically two separate entities, the members of the Commission also constitute the Board of Directors for our E-911 system.

For some reason the operation of our E-911 system has been chaos from the beginning. What started out as “everything under one roof” turned into a disjointed mess where our emergency services all do their own thing.

For reasons no one seems to want to explain the operation of the E-911 system turned into turf wars and power plays that resulted in the abandoning of the E-911 system by the Evergreen Police Department, the Castleberry Police Department, and the Conecuh County Sheriff's Department.

The only operations dispatched through our E-911 Operations Center are the Volunteer Fire Departments, the Repton Police Department, and our ambulance service, Conecuh EMS.

By not participating, these law enforcement agencies are not paying what can best be described as a “user fee,” for the service, and the E-911 Operations Center is going broke.

Actually the E-911 Operations Center is financially broke - and functionally broken. It has been for a long time.

During last Monday's E-911 Board meeting it was disclosed the E-911 Operations Center is losing between $10,000 and $13,000 every month!

For December, the Center reportedly brought in $22,169.00 in revenue, and spent $34,915.00.

According to the Board (Commission), someone from the state is soon to arrive with what may be a solution in the form of a new consolidated E-911 system, but will require the participation of the agencies that have already abandoned E-911.

Based on past performance, chances of that happening seem slim to none.

So, to address the elephant in the room, isn't it in the best interests of the people of Conecuh County to abandon the concept of having a “stand-alone” E-911 Operations Center and disband it altogether?

Or in our infinite wisdom, will we keep paying for something that's hemorrhaging money, and something our law enforcement refuses to use?

E-911 operations should be moved under the umbrella of the Conecuh County Sheriff's Department and the “Center” should be located there. Once that's been done, how about a concentrated search among the many volunteer fire departments for members who are already somewhat familiar with 911 dispatching, and who would like to work part-time shifts, get paid, and possibly find a way for them to earn certifications for their service while doing so?

The point is, find a way to make it work.

Until all emergency services are locked in to one dispatch center for 911 calls, dispatching will remain chaotic and subject to misdirected or dropped calls.

The result; people die and houses burn.

It's time to put the politics aside and do what's best for the people of this county. It's time for our newly elected Commission to make a tough decision. The last Commission would not - and now most of them are gone. What's this one going to do?


2 January 17

We seem to have become quite popular. THANK YOU! We did run out of bandwidth. Maybe because Earthlink lost our website for half a day last month they decided to let us slide for a few extra megabytes and kept our website active.

There's no doubt our popularity upsets the apple cart with a few politicians and economic folks around here who like to "control the message" with their own propaganda and refuse to accept that this newspaper and this website have become a window into Conecuh County allowing the outside world to actually see what goes on around here. The more we grow - the more they hate it.

Kind of like how Trump tweets, and mainstream media can't stand it because our President bypasses them, goes directly to the people, and the media learns they aren't as important as they were yesterday.

Funny how things work out.


22 November 16


                                   Clinton's America                                                                          Trump's America

The Two Americas of 2016


12 August 16

I wrote my first article concerning the Lake Project in 1989 for the Mobile Press Register. At that time it had been "in the works" for more than a decade. Here we are - almost 30 years later - and it's still "in the works."

The current state of the "effort" to secure a lake for Conecuh County is a disgrace.

The entire Lake Committee should be fired - and IF the project is salvageable following this group's dismal failure - a new Committee appointed.

THIS IS THE COUNTY COMMISSION'S RESPONSIBILITY - yet it acts as impotent as the Lake Authority to move the project forward.

James Leon Windham has a good article on his Blog spot Conecuh County News And Views concerning the latest update on the Lake Committee. I'd suggest you go read it.



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